Baby Girls Nursery Reveal: A Soft & Feminine Floral Nursery

Soft & Feminine Nursery Pin Pinterest Baby Girls Nursery Reveal Soft Feminine Floral Nursery

A huge thank you to DaVinci Baby, Delta Children, UrbanWalls, Caden Lane, Safavieh, and Blue House Joys for sponsoring this post.

Before Nursery Reveal

The Big Nursery Reveal

Since our move, I’ve slowly been working on the nursery and over the past couple weeks I feel it’s really come together.  I envisioned a soft and feminine floral nursery, and here it is! Our Vivian is not a tiny baby anymore. (*Tears*) I wanted her nursery to be functional and be able to grow with her.  Above is what the room looked like when we moved in (it was a teenage boys room, if you couldn’t tell.)  Also, take note of the outdated ceiling fan.

Closest doors before

UrbanWalls Peonies Baby Girls Nursery Reveal Soft Feminine Floral Nursery


Paint Color, Trim & Wall Decals

There is only one window in the nursery, by choosing Sherwin Williams ‘Spinach White’ it kept the room feeling light and airy.  After painting I still felt that the oak trim was too dark and I decided to go ahead and paint the trim and closet doors white.  I am so happy I did! It changed the whole look of the room (for the better!) Apologies to our cat and kids, I went ahead and did our whole house, but thats for another post…

After painting the nursery and the trim, I was still looking for something to make the nursery unique.  I looked into wallpaper, but felt defeated.  Every style that I was interested in was extremely expensive and to be honest I’ve never applied wallpaper and wasn’t sure I would be able to up to quality.  This would mean an added cost of hiring a professional. That’s when I came across UrbanWalls.  Their giant peony decals were everything I was looking for. What you see in the nursery is a full order of peonies for a fraction of the price of wallpaper and I applied them by myself with no problems!

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams ‘Spinach White’

Trim Color: Behr Ultra Pure White

Wall Decals: UrbanWalls Full Set ‘Peonies’

Crib Bedding & Nursery Furniture

While choosing furniture I tried to find pieces that can grow with Vivian.  The Jenny Lind Crib can convert into a toddler bed and day bed. Also, Her dresser is neutral and will work with her room even if we change things up as she grows. Most of all a comfortable and quality rocker was important to me because Vivian still gets up multiple times at night to nurse.  Having a comfortable place to sit and feed your baby (bottle or breast) is so important!  I’m not alone in stating that adorable crib bedding is a must.  In our nursery at our old house we also had Caden Lane bedding, so I knew exactly where I would shop for new bedding!

Crib Sheet: ‘Cora’ Collection Taupe Dot

Lace Crib Skirt:  Double Ruffle Vintage Lace ‘Cora’ Collection

Rocker: Delta Children-Emma in Dove Grey

Crib: DaVinci Baby Jenny Lind White

Dresser: Kalani 6 drawer white

Reading Nook & Canopy

The canopy & reading nook is Vivian’s favorite part of her room (Henry also likes to hide and read in the canopy!)  I hung the book sling at her height and she loves picking out her own books, it’s so cute! By adding the floral garland around the top of the canopy, it helped separate the canopy from the curtains and added just a little more feminine touch to the whole reading nook.

Lights in Childrens Canopy

night time reading nook

**Add battery-operated twinkling lights to the inside of the canopy to create a favorite night time reading spot!

Play Canopy in White

Book Sling in Subtle Gold Shimmer(Mini)

Creme Magnolia Garland


Finishing Touches

The nursery has carpet flooring, but by adding a lighter shag rug on top of the carpet it added texture and warmth to the room. Also, the light in the room was lackluster to say the least (an older fan with a plain “boob” light.)  By changing out the light to a neutral colored beaded chandelier it pulled the whole room together. Lighting is something I think a lot of people forget about or try to avoid changing out, but it really updates (or dates) a room.  Some the last things I added to the room were pictures, throw pillows, fresh flowers, a lamp and a night light.  Finally, don’t skip on a side table next to the rocker, as every parent will need a spot to set down their coffee, water, or book.

Grey Beaded Chandelier

Sweet Dreams’ throw pillow

‘Snow’ Shag Rug

Side Table


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Tips For Choosing a Quality Battery-Operated Children’s Car

Tips for Finding aBattery-OperatedKids Car


Kids Vintage Mercedes Battery CarThis is not a sponsored post, but may contain affiliate links.

Birthday Present or Bust

For Henry’s second birthday Derek and I decided to get him a battery operated car/truck.  I have to say my husband did a great job into looking into reviews and things to look for to find a quality battery operated kids vehicle.  Below are my (his) best tips and also a link to the car we chose.

Henry and Vivian Last Summer

This was the day Henry got his car (August ’16) he would be two in just a few days.  And cue the tears, Vivian was just little peanut, where did my little gremlin baby go?!

Two Toddlers Driving Mercedes Vintage Battery Car

One Seater or Two

One of the first things you need to decide is if you are looking for a single driver car or two seater.  To be upfront and honest, our car is not meant to be a two seater.  We were looking for two seater when we bought Henry’s car and this car is a bit deceiving because it has two fake seats for looks, but the car is small and the steering wheel is in the middle.  We asked the seller; and they told us it could fit two small children.  Luckily, Vivian is a peanut and can squeeze next to Henry just fine.

Kids Battery Operated Car Remote for Adults

Age Appropriate

I was confident that Henry would know how to drive the car, but oh, I was wrong! I’m so happy my husband convinced me otherwise and we picked out a car that came with a remote. I didn’t even know this was a thing!  Also, Henry is tall for his age and I didn’t think height was going to be an issue, but even if he knew how to drive he could barley touch the pedal.  The remote for anyone with a child under 2.5 is a lifesaver!

Vintage Mercedes Kids Power Wheels

Size Matters

Get your head out of the gutter, I’m talking about batteries.  I had no idea there are different sized batteries for kids cars.  6V or 12V. Our little car has a 12V and I am so happy as it can drive on grass without stopping, we can go on a long walk without the battery dying, and it can make it up a paved hill.  After reading many reviews I have come to the conclusion that a 6V battery car is only meant for driving on a flat paved surface for 15 minutes at a time.  If your looking for more, 12V is for you.

Mercedes Vintage Kids ride-on


Who knew kids ride-on battery cars had accessories?  A real radio? Check. Flashing Lights? Check. MP3 slot? Check. Trunk for storing toys? Check.  I’m not saying these things are important, but they are fun and I’m not going to lie, I enjoy listening to the radio when we go for long walks/drives. Here is a little clip from my Instagram “stories” of us enjoying the radio (Any Ed Sheeran fans?)

Mercedes Vintage Power wheels kids driving

The Right Price

Shop around, especially online, as most places offer free shipping too!  I’ve found Amazon is easy to find a lot of options and even easier to compare prices.  Our car was purchased from off of Amazon, it wasn’t eligible for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping, but it came within a week or so and was still free! We scored our car for $217.97 including shipping.


Recommended Cars

Our exact car is currently out of stock on amazon, but I’ll keep an eye on it and post here if it comes back!   I’ve linked a few other cars that are the same brand, a great price, and have the same accessories and power as our car.



Mercedes Benz SLR Kids Car

Mercedes Benz SLR Kids Convertible ($229.99)

Aosom 12V Land Rover Defender Kids Electric Ride On Car with MP3 and Remote Control - Black

Land Rover Defender Kids SUV ($289.99)

Mercedes-Benz 722S Kids 12V Electric Ride On Toy Car w/ Parent Remote Control - Red by Aosom

Mercedes Benz 722S Kids Car ($249.99)


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How to Create an Outdoor Living Oasis

How to Turn Your Patio Into an Outdoor Oasis

Extra Living Space, Yes Please.

With spring here we are spending every second we can enjoying the sunshine.  Last year, when we moved into our new home it was late August and our patio was the last “room” I was thinking about.  We had a small patio table and chairs out there and didn’t end up spending too much time out there (probably because it was unwelcoming and we had no privacy from our neighbors.)

This spring I made it my goal to create an outdoor living space that our whole family would enjoy spending time hanging out in.  I knew we needed more privacy and wanted it to feel cozy, yet kid friendly.

Starting from Scratch

Before Patio

Our blank canvas was a small pavered patio. I decided to go with more of a seating/lounging area rather then an eating space.  This is the four piece set from Safavieh, just like any room inside make sure the furniture isn’t going to overpower the space.

Safavieh Patio Furniture


Can We Get a Little Privacy?

One side of our patio looks directly at our neighbors patio making it feel like we have little privacy, especially when they are outside.  Creating an outdoor privacy screen changed the whole look and feel of the patio.  For under $75 I created the one below (and it was super easy!) I’ll be sharing a DIY on this shortly!

Creating an Outdoor Privacy Screen

Going Green

I really wanted a raised garden bed on our patio to grow a few veggies and herbs.  I looked at many home improvement stores, but was disappointed in price and selection.  That’s when my sister and I decided to tackle it ourselves, we drew up our plans, headed over to home depot, and built our three tiered raised flower bed.  The best part is, we built it for under $40 (a single raised flower bed at the store was $150!)  I’ll also be sharing the DIY on this shortly too because it’s a must!

Three Tiered Raised Flower Bed

The raised flower bed added color to our patio, but to create an oasis-like feel I had to add more.  I added two hanging fern baskets, flowers, succulents, a potted plant from ikea (only $12) and clematis (climbing vine) that grows purple flowers and should climb up the trellis and create even more privacy.


We specifically went with furniture that didn’t have sharp corners or a glass top coffee table to keep the patio kid-friendly.  I also didn’t want toys to take over the whole space (like everywhere else in our house…)  Trying to avoid a mess of toys, I took our old butcher block from Ikea that was collecting dust in the storage closet and stained it the same color I used on the flower bed.  y adding two plastic bins to get on the shelves that the kids could keep their outdoor toys in it became a great storage piece.  I also poked holes in the bottom of the bins so rain water drains out of them.

Butcher Block Storage

Keeping it Cozy

I added two strands of patio lights, a rug, and throw pillows to complete our outdoor oasis.  The lighting is amazing at night and really makes it feel cozy in the evening.  Adding a rug and throw pillows added texture and warmth to the space, I was originally going to skip the rug, but it brings the whole space together and I’m so happy I didn’t skip it.

Finishing Touches

I’ve said it a million times, but I’m never really finished with a room.  I’m still thinking about adding a small grill, umbrella, or a gas fire pit table.  For now, I’ll just plan and browse until I find the right ones to add to our outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Patio Oasis

Products I Used

Patio Set 


Throw Pillows


Butcher Block Storage

The plants came from a variety of stores including: Home Depot, Menards, Ikea, Green World Green Houses 


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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers



Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers

Toddler Scavenger Hunt Outdoors

Getting Outside

If your toddler is full of energy like mine, you are so happy warmer weather is here! We’re making sure that we’re spending a lot of our time outside, but going to the park three times a day can get a little repetitive.  I decided to come up with a little scavenger hunt for Henry to do to switch up our daily routine.

Henry walking on Path

Creating the Scavenger Hunt List

Henry is only 2.5, so obviously it all had to be age appropriate.  I did add in a few numbers and shapes to the list to practice these with Henry during our scavenger hunt.  Below is our list; but don’t be afraid to add items that fit the area you’ll be in!  Colors are a good addition too, unfortunately it’s still pretty colorless here in Minnesota right now!

Scavenger Hunt List

The Hunt is On

I read the list to Henry and we headed down a path by our house to start our scavenger hunt.  I let him lead and explore and every once and awhile I reminded him of things we were looking for.  It was fun to see him find things, ask questions, and tell me about them.

Get the Most Out of Your Scavenger Hunt

Here are a few tips that made our scavenger hunt a success:

  1. Let your little one lead!
  2. Ask them questions about colors, sounds, texture etc.
  3. Remind them of the things you’re looking for, but don’t be afraid to stray from the list.
  4. If you have another sibling along, ask them to teach the sibling about what they find.
  5. Give encouragement and show lots of excitement!

Outfit Details

Henry’s Jeans // Henry’s Moccs // Viv’s Moccs // Viv’s Headband // Henry’s Jacket //

** I purchased Vivian’s dress when I was pregnant with her from Gap, unfortunately it is no longer available.

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Cute Swimsuits for Toddlers and Babies



Cute Swimsuits for Toddlers and Babies

Cute Swimwear for Babies &Toddlers

Fun in the Sun

No one else can pull of thigh rolls and a dimpled butt quite like your little one!  That’s what makes swimsuit shopping for them a blast. It’s almost that time of year again where my kids practically turn into fish and/or crustaceans. They grow so fast that every season we invest in a few new suits because they’re practically lived in during the summer. Here are few of my absolute favorite swimwear for little boys & girls! All these shops have other styles too, so don’t forget to check out their whole line of little swimwear!

Minnow Swim

// Buttercream Tie Back Bikini Set // Boys Buttercream Boards //

Rylee & Cru

// Tigers One-Piece // Stars Swim Trunk //

Retro Baby Swimwear 

// Boy Parrot Swim Shorts // Palm Print Girls Swimsuit //



Tea Collection 

// Shell Beach One-Piece // Winkipop Rash Guard One-Piece //

Olivia + Ocean 

// Yellow One-Piece // Venice Swim Shorts //

Boden Kids

// Floral Rash Guard Two-Piece // Gingham Baby Bathers //

Gap Kids

// Ruffle White One-Piece // Stripe Swim Briefs //

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Free People Look-A-Like Sun Dress for a Fraction of the Price

Shopping on Pinterest

I am constantly looking for outfit inspiration on Pinterest.  But, there is nothing worse then coming across something you fall in love with and then its:

  1. Sold Out
  2. Not linked to anything & no information is given on the brand or store

That’s when I came across the Free People ‘Bloom Dress,’  immediate heart eyes, I needed it in my life.  That’s when I looked and it was sold out everywhere, like seriously, I searched high and low and couldn’t find it in stock anywhere!

ruthie grace boutique

Finding a Look-a-Like

The stars aligned and I came across a look-a-like of the Free People ‘Bloom Dress.’  Dare I say I actually liked it more, it was over half the price, and it was in stock (and still is!)  Head over to Ruthie Grace Boutique to scoop up this dress for under $60!

It’s the perfect dress to dress up or down, wedges, sneakers, clogs, or heels.  This dress can rock it all!

Free People Bloom Dress Look a Like

Playing Trucks with Henry Playing with Henry Outside Sun Dress with Baby Sun Dress Holding Vivian

Outfit Details:

Sun Dress // Sneakers // Hat // Kids Moccs // Vivian’s Dress // Henry’s Shorts // Henry’s Tee

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Don’t Let Your Child Take This Toy in the Bath

Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups

I want to start by saying the purpose of this post is not to slander Fisher Price, my family loves Fisher Price toys and we will continue to!  However if this information stops one child from getting hurt – even if it’s just a little bruise it’s worth it to me. 

Stackable cups

Here’s Our Story:

Henry, my two and half year old loves bringing these Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups in the bath tub.  They are perfect for scooping up water and watching it drain out, plus they are easy to dry off afterwards!  Until today I saw no harm in letting him do so.

About once a week my husband has code deployments with his offshore team in India. This means he starts working at 6:30pm.  Its pretty routine for me to feed the kids dinner, play for a bit, and then I take a bath with the kids in our jetted jacuzzi tub and we get ready for bed.  Henry picked out his Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups to go in the tub,  pretty routine.  He knows when the water fills over the jets (the tub is only half full at this point) that he can push the button to turn the jets on, again, normal for us.  Thats when one of the Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups quickly suctioned to the suction cover of the whirlpool tub and pulled my back tightly up to it!

Whirlpool Suction Cover


Filter with Fisher Price Stackable Toy

In a Split Second

It didn’t feel good and it scared me half to death. I obviously wasn’t expecting it and it is a very strong suction (video below.)  My first reaction was to turn around and pull the cup off, but I couldn’t!  It was too strong.  Thats when I realized I had to turn off the jets to get it off.  Yes, as an adult woman I could easily reach and turn off the jets.  The scary part is depending on their size a child probably won’t be able to pull themselves off the cup from the suction.  I don’t even want to think about what could happen to a child because of a freak instance like this. Even though my children are always monitored in the bath, this could have been harmful in the moments before I was able to act.


Better Safe Than Sorry

I never leave my children unattended in the bathtub and until a certain age I don’t believe most parents do.  Unfortunately, accidents happen and what I witnessed happen with these stack and rolls cups I’m not taking any chances.  These will no longer be bath time toys in our home.  I just wanted to share with other parents out there that these are potentially very dangerous and not worth the risk to our children.

Kids in the bath tub


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9 Ways Spring Motivates Moms to Live a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

Mom and Henry on Patio

Spring Motivation

I used to always say Fall was my favorite season, but I switched teams to Spring after having kids.  To me “spring ahead” is like a fresh start to me, almost like the new year.  It’s easier to get and stay motivated in the spring time and here’s why…

Growing Succulents and Coffee


     1. More Daylight-  Is there anything better?  I get more done throughout the day because my day actually feels longer (in a good way!)  The shortest day of the year (December 21st) only has 7 hours and 54 minutes of daylight.  After daylight saving we work our way up to the longest day (June 21st) with a whopping 16 hours and 33 minutes!  That’s over double the amount of “day!”

     2. Warming Up- Obviously, along with spring comes the warmer, and most of the time “better” weather.  I’m not sure about you, but the nice weather gets me going.  During the cold, winter months I really just want to stay snuggled up all day watching Netflix.  And lets be honest, the kids rule the house so watching ‘Special Agent Oso’ all winter can be draining.

Henry and Mom jumping

3. Windows Open-  Instant mood changer.  Fresh air flowing through the house makes me feel ready to conquer anything, even if it’s cleaning.  Which bring me to #4.

4. Spring Cleaning-  I know it doesn’t sounds like a party or anything, but having a sparkling clean house leaves me feeling less anxious and more relaxed.

spring cleaning

5.  Get Outside-  Everyday that is weather permitting we either go to a park, walk, bike ride, play a sport, or try swimming.  Getting outside and moving more makes me feel so much better about myself.  Most of the time you’re getting a good workout in without even realizing it!  Also, the runts are staying active, having fun and burning off all their energy.

 6.  Saving Money-  Along with spending more time outside I find myself spending less money.  We are busy playing outside and having fun for free.  During the winter we are always looking for fun indoor activities, but those all add up quickly.  If you’re anything like me it’s hard not to spend that extra money on cute spring/summer clothing!

Vivian Walking at Park

Henry going down slide at park

     8. Eating Healthier- Don’t get me wrong, on a nice warm day there is nothing better than an ice cream cone! I do find myself eating more fruit, veggies, and salad. Combined with all those walks and exploring outdoors, your waistline might be shrinking with little effort! Score!

9.  Confidence Boost-  Spring time really brings out the best “me!”  Less anxiety because of a clean house, boost of happiness from fresh air and sunshine, (AKA Vitamin D) thinner waistline, thicker wallet,  and most of all creating special memories with my kiddos makes me feel like a million bucks.

Fishtail Braid and Off the Shoulder Top Vivian Playing at Park Holding Hands with Vivian Piggy Back Ride Fishtail Braid up close Henry Climbing at Park

Outfit Details

Off-the-Shoulder Top // Distressed Jeans // Colorful Sneakers // Kids Moccs // Vivian’s Dress // Floral Headband // Baby Cardigan // Henry’s Shorts // Chambray Button Up // Stackable Rings //

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20 Baby Items Every Parent is Thankful for

What You Really Need

It’s so easy to get lost in the millions of baby products out there.  How do you decide which ones you need or don’t need.  These 20 products below are everyday (or close to everyday) items that are helpful, unique and amazing quality.  You will leave you wondering how you lived without them.

20 must have baby items

  1. UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller
  2. DockATot
  3. Noodle & Boo Skincare
  4. Natursutten Pacifiers
  5. Coco and Kiwi Diaper Bag 
  6. Britax Boulevard ClickTight
  7. Bloom Fresco Chrome
  8. Solly Baby Wrap
  9. 4moms mamaRoo
  10. Puj Tub
  11. Nosa Frida Snot Sucker
  12. BioKleen Baby Laundry Liquid
  13. Bloom Baby Care Baby Wipes
  14. LEVO Baby Rocker (sweet grey) by Charlie Crane
  15. Spearmint Love Swaddles
  16. Tranquilo Mat
  17. Milk Snob Cover
  18. Como Tomo Teether
  19. Joovy Boob glass bottle
  20. Dohm White Noise Machine

Already have one or more of these items?  What do you think of them?  What else would you add to this list?

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10 Minute (or less) Beauty Routine


What to do when it rains on Vacation

When it rains, it pours…

Raining outside

…and temps drop 45 degrees, it storms, it sleets, and it gets extremely windy.  Okay-okay you get the point; the weather was really shi%$*.  Don’t get me wrong, I checked the weather before we left but was in denial and hoping they were wrong.  I packed beach goodies, shorts, sundresses, and t-shirts. We had everything but jackets, hats, and mittens (which is what we really needed.)  The first few days it poured all. day. long. and with the rain it dropped from 75 degrees down to 35 degrees and turned into sleet. Once the rain passed, we were hopeful – but it stayed cloudy, cold, and windy.  The sunny, beachy relaxing vacation in Myrtle Beach was now a cold, cloudy “what now?’ vacation.

Money Sucker

Lazy River and Ocean

The hotel we were staying at was on the ocean and had an outdoor pool, grill, hot tub, and lazy river.  When we booked this vacation our airfare was pricey, but we justified it with all the free outdoor activities we would be enjoying while we were there.  Well, you guessed it… we kissed those activities goodbye when the high was 42 degrees with 30 mph winds. So we had to get creative with our activities without completely breaking the bank.  A women in the elevator said it perfectly, “This weather has turned an inexpensive relaxing vacation into a money-sucking stressful one.”

Go explore

Downtown colorful buildings

We stopped the pity-party and put on our thinking caps (more like googling-fingers) and started looking for things to do. It was too cold and windy for any extended outdoor activities. Now, I don’t want you to think we were being babies, we are Minnesota people, we know the cold and it was cold.

cold outside

Our saving grace was wonderful suggestions from others. If you have Instagram or Facebook reach out and ask your friends and followers for recommendations, I got so many great ones from my “Insta” friends, places to eat and see.  Below are a few places we tried out had a great time!  We also mixed in “free” activities too, because things can get expensive quickly! Look up local malls (window shopping and people watching can be a great time!) libraries, boardwalks, and zoo’s (we have a free one here in Minnesota!)

House of Blues 

Vintage Music

Live music and good eats, does it get any better?  Check out times online to see when bands are playing or even pick up concert tickets!  We went to the one in Myrtle Beach, but they have locations in 11 different cities so you may be close to one! The interior and exterior of House of Blues is fascinating in and of itself.

Barefoot Landing

Barefoot Landing

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t walking around in shorts and flip flops, but it was fun to visit all the shops and it was free to walk around and see a little bit of North Myrtle Beach (warming up while shopping!)  We also got to see baby tigers brought in from the Myrtle Beach Safari to the Preserve Station at Barefoot Landing.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley's Aquarium

It was entertaining and fun for all ages!  Henry loved seeing the scuba diver swimming with the fish and he even gave her a high five!  It can get a little expensive for a family, but make sure to check with your hotel to see if they sell discounted tickets! We saved over $25 buying our tickets through the hotel!

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

baseball arcade game

We did our best at picking a “nice” day to go to the boardwalk, but it turned out to be extremely windy and only about 45 degrees.  So, we found this awesome arcade and played games for a couple hours, we had a blast!  ‘Baseball’ is only .25 cents and very addicting!  To whoever recommended this arcade to us on Instagram, we thank you!

Go Karts


Its something we normally wouldn’t do, but we had a blast (I promise this is just a badly timed picture!)  It was Henrys first time riding in a go-cart and he loved it (he thought he was the one driving!)  We took turns sitting out and holding Vivian and after we were all a bit chilly we went inside and played some arcade games.  Our favorite here was ‘Deal or No Deal.’

Headed Home

Molly on the Beach

Of course the day we were headed home it was nice out, which made it harder to leave. There is really “no place like home” and we were all ready to sleep in our own beds again.  You can find this swimsuit here, along with other amazing one pieces!

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