How to Get Perfect Brows- Everything You Need to Know About Microblading


Microblading Before and After

Celeb-Worthy Brows

I’ve always wondered how celebrities have such amazing brows. The shape, how thick they are, oh, and how they perfectly match!  Honestly, I assumed that they just had the worlds best estheticians and make-up artists. But I was wrong! Naturally, most of us have eyebrows that don’t grow the same and sometimes no matter how well they are shaped through waxing, plucking, or threading they just aren’t right.  On top of it all, sometimes eyebrows just don’t grow in as fully as we would like.  That’s where the miracle of mircoblading comes in!

No more secrets

Just like other cosmetic procedures, most people stay “hush-hush” because they want you to think it’s natural beauty. Well, thats BS. Microblading is a great option to get the brows you’ve always dreamed of! But, before you dive-in do your research and have realistic expectations.

Minneapolis Microblading - The Archery

Microblading - Minneapolis The Archery

Microblading - Minneapolis The Archery

Where to go?

If your located in or near Minnesota, I highly recommend my girl, Jonelle Salzman, founder of The Archery in Minneapolis. I did my research and knew I wanted a Phibrows royal artist (prestigious microblading certification.)  After looking around, I knew Jonelle was the artist that matched exactly what I was looking for.  She is knowledgeable, honest, and ah-mazing at creating natural, beautiful brows. You can see some of her work, here.

Not to mention, how cute is her studio, The Archery? The natural lighting is relaxing and her styling of the space is perfect. While I was there I felt like I was over at one of my girlfriends high-end lofts.


Minnesota Microblading - The Archery

The PROCESS of microblading

I booked my appointment with Jonelle about 2 months prior, she’s a hot commodity! From start to finish I was as The Archery for roughly 3 hours.  At first, Jonelle took a look at my eyebrows and we chatted about my expectations. I chose Jonelle because of her amazing work so I pretty much told her my brows were in her hands. I mean she is the expert! Then, she took my before photo and measured and mapped out my brows.

Microblading Process - The Archery

After mapping out my brows she mixed up my color (It’s going to fade, so it starts out a shade or two darker.) Jonelle then did her first pass of strokes, the first time over a little more lightly. The pigment then set on my brows for about ten minutes. That’s when I sent my husband the picture above, I knew he would panic a little bit because he has no idea what microblading is! Before going over my brows again, Jonelle put a numbing creme on.  The second pass of strokes she does more deeply, but honestly I couldn’t feel a thing just that she was touching my face! One of the questions I get asked the most is, “Was it Painful?” Honestly not at all! I’ve had more painful eyebrow waxing experiences.  After the pigment set again, Jonelle wiped off the extra color and carefully looked over my brows.

Microblading Before and After

Before + After Mircoblading

Throughout the whole process Jonelle made sure I was comfortable and relaxed.  She also checked if I wanted any changes or what I thought of the process using a mirror before and after every step. I was immediately in love with my new brows!

Microblading What to Expect

After Mircoblading // Healing + Aftercare

Jonelle explained the healing process to me and what to expect so I had no “WTF” moments. She sent me home with an aftercare kit and her description of the healing process is spot on (see below) I’m now two weeks out and so happy with my brows. I’m excited for my touch up in the beginning of January.  Jonelle highly recommends this for everyone because 30-50% of the pigment may fade or disappear. Throughout my healing process the hardest part was not itching!

Microblading Healing Process

Ready for Perfect Brows

The Archery is located at:

609 S 10th St. Ste 220 Minneapolis, MN 55404

Contact The Archery:

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or check out The Archery’s FAQ, here.


How to get the Perfect Brows Microblading


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