5 Greatest Tips for Conquering the First Year with Two under Two


Henry and Vivian

Two Under Two

I no longer have two under two, I’ve graduated to a just-turned three year old and 19 month old. I’ll do the math for you, they are 17 months apart. I wish I could tell you it gets easier after the first year, but it doesn’t it just changes in the ways it can be challenging. If your pregnant I don’t want that to scare you, having two under two is an adjustment, but totally worth it (a sneak peak into the first year of life with two under two!) But, telling you about my first year is only the start. Here’s the second part, how I made it through the first year with my sanity intact (or at least partially.)

Two Under Two Babies



UPPAbaby VISTA Double Stroller

Tip #1 – The Right Gear

There are a billion and one baby products to choose from and so many that I love! But, there are a few that became everyday lifesavers when caring for two under two.

UPPAbaby Vista Double Stroller
UPPAbaby VISTA Double Stroller

I cannot tell you how many times this stroller saved my sanity. Sometimes it was going for a walk at nap time to get both of them to fall asleep. Both seats fully recline at the same time! This meant I could walk until they fell asleep and know they were comfortable. I could wheel the stroller into our house and let them nap in the stroller, giving me time to shower, clean, or relax. I also used the stroller for quick grocery shopping trips.  The basket below is big enough for a good amount of items and I didn’t have to fight a toddler who didn’t want to stay seated in the shopping cart. We still use our stroller daily and love it!

Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Baby Wrap

Every newborn loves to be snuggled and held, but when you also have a toddler that also demands a lot of love and attention you can’t always just sit and enjoy baby snuggles.  Thats where the Solly Baby Wrap comes in.  I would wear Vivian for hours at a time at home so I could still have two hands to play, read, and give Henry plenty of attention.  I had a lot of mom-guilt for cutting Henry’s “only child” time short. By wearing Vivian gave me the opportunity to easily shower Henry with love while keeping Vivian happy and comfortable too! I even figured out how to nurse her while she was in the wrap!

Mama Roo 4


MamaRoo 4

There were also times when I needed my own space to get stuff done or relax.  The MamaRoo 4 was amazing at soothing Vivian and she didn’t have to be asleep to stay calm in it either which was really important to me. It wasn’t just for the newborn stage either – we used it until she was just over a year old! The MamaRoo was my go-to for Vivian when I wanted to shower or was getting ready for the day.


Working Out Pregnant

Tip #2 – Join a Gym with a Daycare

Don’t be alarmed, I’m not telling you getting back into shape is how to stay sane. But, by joining a gym with a daycare I could have guaranteed time to myself each day. That may sound selfish, but being a happy and healthy mom made me a better mom. We belong to the YMCA and they provide childcare for a maximum of 2 hours per day while you are at their facilities. I could workout and shower or even just go sit in the sauna or hot tub and relax, but somedays having up to two hours of focusing on myself was a complete game changer. (The picture above is old, I was pregnant with Vivian. But, I promise I use our YMCA membership multiple times weekly!)


Two Babies Napping Together

Tip #3- Be a rebel, break the rules

All those “parenting” rules and guides, throw them out the window. Having two under two can be crazy, stressful, hectic, and exhausting. But, you know what made life easier? Not worrying that I was doing everything was being done “by the book.” If your “older baby” naps at 4pm and then doesn’t go to bed till 11pm, but everyone is happy and healthy, then it works! If having a strict schedule makes you happy, then thats what works for you. The less I worried about what the books(or random advisors) told me I should be doing, the happier I was.

Husband and Wife

TIP #4 – Happy Parents = Happy kids

If there is one thing thats easy to forget between changing diapers and getting two babies to sleep is that your marriage needs love and attention too. Take at least ten minutes a day to talk about each other, your day, their day, everything but the kids. Get a sitter, take a few hours to enjoy each other.  I  wish I would have known about Bonding Bee’s earlier, it’s a great way to sneak in those at-home date nights and is honestly a blast (my husband seriously loves it too!) Taking time to focus on your marriage will make everything else easier, including those stressful time when those two babies seem like they aren’t ever going to stop crying, sleep through the night, or be potty-trained.


Target Store Mom and Kids

Tip #5 – Get Out of the House

At first, it can be really intimidating or even seem impossible to have a good time outside the house. But, I promise with the right gear (ugh umm tip #1) you can do it and it will make everything seem much better! Go to the park, on a walk, to the mall, or even to Target! Vivian was born in the middle of winter and getting myself and both kids bundled up was a hassle, but if that meant strolling up and down Target Isles with a hot Starbucks coffee, it was worth it!  Getting outside your home makes the day go by faster and will give you more confidence that you “got this” as a mom of two under two.

Cafe Kids Two under Two

The days are long, but the years are short. It goes by in the blink of an eye, there will be amazing days, and not-so-amazing days. Always remember you got this mama, you’re amazing!


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    1. Hi! I just want to write you and tell you how awesome this is for me. I am currently pregnant with our second and due Feb. 7th while my daughter is just 15 months! We will be in the same boat with 2 under 2 and i am all the emotions you have shared. Excited, scared out of my mind, ready but not, just all and everything you can possibly think of. I want you to know that your article is extremely refreshing and what i feel a lot of moms need to hear. We worry so much about what all the books and other bloggers who make you feel guilty say. I love that you felt the feeling of needing space and time alone and also how the days felt long. It doesnt mean you love your child any less, its just a sanity thing i believe. All in all i want to thank you and let you know what you are writing is helping people and has helped me calm down a bit. I also printed this out to read once the madness begins. Thank you again for doing this!!!

      1. Hi mama!

        I’m so happy you can relate and thank you for reading! I’ll be thinking of you in February, my daughter was born February 10th, it’s a great month for a baby! 🙂 Come Back and share how life is with two under two!



    1. I have 3 under 3 (all 16 months apart) and this advice is spot on! Thanks for the read!

      1. Hi Rachel!

        Thank you so much and thank you for reading! Wow, mama you are a rockstar! How was the transition to adding a third to your family? I know at some point we will add a third, we just aren’t quite there yet (I need a little more sleep, haha!)



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