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Extra Living Space, Yes Please.

With spring here we are spending every second we can enjoying the sunshine.  Last year, when we moved into our new home it was late August and our patio was the last “room” I was thinking about.  We had a small patio table and chairs out there and didn’t end up spending too much time out there (probably because it was unwelcoming and we had no privacy from our neighbors.)

This spring I made it my goal to create an outdoor living space that our whole family would enjoy spending time hanging out in.  I knew we needed more privacy and wanted it to feel cozy, yet kid friendly.

Starting from Scratch

Before Patio

Our blank canvas was a small pavered patio. I decided to go with more of a seating/lounging area rather then an eating space.  This is the four piece set from Safavieh, just like any room inside make sure the furniture isn’t going to overpower the space.

Safavieh Patio Furniture


Can We Get a Little Privacy?

One side of our patio looks directly at our neighbors patio making it feel like we have little privacy, especially when they are outside.  Creating an outdoor privacy screen changed the whole look and feel of the patio.  For under $75 I created the one below (and it was super easy!) I’ll be sharing a DIY on this shortly!

Creating an Outdoor Privacy Screen

Going Green

I really wanted a raised garden bed on our patio to grow a few veggies and herbs.  I looked at many home improvement stores, but was disappointed in price and selection.  That’s when my sister and I decided to tackle it ourselves, we drew up our plans, headed over to home depot, and built our three tiered raised flower bed.  The best part is, we built it for under $40 (a single raised flower bed at the store was $150!)  I’ll also be sharing the DIY on this shortly too because it’s a must!

Three Tiered Raised Flower Bed

The raised flower bed added color to our patio, but to create an oasis-like feel I had to add more.  I added two hanging fern baskets, flowers, succulents, a potted plant from ikea (only $12) and clematis (climbing vine) that grows purple flowers and should climb up the trellis and create even more privacy.

Guide Creating Perfect Outdoor Patio


We specifically went with furniture that didn’t have sharp corners or a glass top coffee table to keep the patio kid-friendly.  I also didn’t want toys to take over the whole space (like everywhere else in our house…)  Trying to avoid a mess of toys, I took our old butcher block from Ikea that was collecting dust in the storage closet and stained it the same color I used on the flower bed.  y adding two plastic bins to get on the shelves that the kids could keep their outdoor toys in it became a great storage piece.  I also poked holes in the bottom of the bins so rain water drains out of them.

Butcher Block Storage

Keeping it Cozy

I added two strands of patio lights, a rug, and throw pillows to complete our outdoor oasis.  The lighting is amazing at night and really makes it feel cozy in the evening.  Adding a rug and throw pillows added texture and warmth to the space, I was originally going to skip the rug, but it brings the whole space together and I’m so happy I didn’t skip it.

Finishing Touches

I’ve said it a million times, but I’m never really finished with a room.  I’m still thinking about adding a small grill, umbrella, or a gas fire pit table.  For now, I’ll just plan and browse until I find the right ones to add to our outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Patio Oasis

Products I Used

Patio Set 


Throw Pillows


Butcher Block Storage

The plants came from a variety of stores including: Home Depot, Menards, Ikea, Green World Green Houses 

Outdoor Patio Guide Ideas

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