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I’m always searching on Instagram and Pinterest for new (to me) online boutiques that have great style and are affordable.  Shopping online at these boutiques who have a great Pinterest and Instagram gives fabulous ideas on how to style their clothing and shoes in different ways, which is always helpful!

Shopping online gives me time to “peruse” with no rush, no cramped stores, no pressure, and best of all- I get to be home!  Anyways, I’ll get to the good stuff; (in no particular order) here are some of my favorite online boutiques and bonus, I’ve added their Instagram and Pinterest links too:

1. VICI Collection

Their brand is “Chic Fashion for the Modern Woman.”  Their clothing is quality and affordable and they add new items daily! Check out my Summer VICI looks here!

VICI Dolls Instagram 

VICI Collection Pinterest

2. Evereve

Created by a mom for moms!  Evereve is for stylish moms looking to feel confident, refreshed and inspired! They also offer an amazing subscription box, Trendsend! You can read more about my Trendsend experience, here! 

Evereve Instagram

Evereve Pinterest 

3.  Shop Stevie

A husband and wife duo started this company two years ago and now have an adorable little girl! A mom with great style, YES!

Shop Stevie Instagram

Shop Stevie Pinterest


4.   Ruby Claire Boutique

Another husband and wife duo here. They get their assistance from their adult children and they make the perfect team.

 Ruby Claire Boutique Instagram

Ruby Claire Boutique Pinterest


 Not only do they have some of the most stylish clothing, but they also have baby and home decor too! One of my favorite “Instagram moms” wears a lot of ROOLEE, so I’ve also added her Instagram account for style inspiration!

Roolee Boutique Instagram

Ginger Parrish Instagram– Cute kids. Great Style. Can you ask for anything more?

Roolee Boutique Pinterest

5.  Raising Wild

Sisters and best friends (they are moms too) that have created swimwear for fit, fashion, and functionality.  Seriously, it’s the best swimwear around. I’ll be rocking my Raising Wild in Puerto Rico and I can’t wait! Oh, did I mention they were on Shark Tank?! AND got a deal!

Raising Wild Instagram

Raising Wild Pinterest


6.  Soel Boutique

 Here’s a Wife and mother of three who made her dreams come true by opening this boutique.  11 years later her boutique is flourishing and so are the relationships she has made throughout.  Her mission statement is:

“We believe in curating a life that represents you. Whether it’s on trend or classy and timeless, we offer you pieces that can help you create a beautiful life, piece by piece. We know that comfort is huge. We find pieces that you’ll not only look great in, but feel great in as well. Life can be full of goodness. We don’t want you to fill your home, closet, and life with “stuff”, we want you to love everything surrounding you and your families. Hopefully we can help play a role in that for you.”

Soel Boutique Instagram

Soel Boutique Pinterest


7.  Primp Boutique

Let me start off by saying there is a Primp about ten minutes from my house and it’s dangerous.  Not dangerous in a scary way (unless you’re my bank account) scary in a “I go there too much” way.  But, no worries if you’re not in Minnesota, you can shop online too!

Primp Boutique Instagram

Primp Pinterest


8.  Pink Blush

They aren’t just Maternity.  Their clothing is made to be worn during all stages of life, pregnant or not! I have so many pieces from Pink Blush that I wore pregnant and still wear, all their clothing is so versatile.

Pink Blush Instagram

Pink Blush Pinterest

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