What’s in a name?

We have been going back and forth on names since we found out we were expecting again…  But, we have finally decided on one and are sticking with it! Drumroll, please…

Vivian Frances

Vivian Frances Budde

Derek and I are both very drawn to classic names.  We both fell in love with the name Vivian! Sorry reader, no cool story about how Vivian was the name of a nurse that saved my grandpa in Korea etc. (No really, my husband’s barber has a sister named Vivian for this very reason!) Her middle name, Frances is near and dear to my heart.  My grandmother passed away 3 years ago after a long battle with Parkinson’s. Frances was my grandmother’s middle name and I could not feel more honored to be able to name our daughter after her.  Other contenders for first names were:

  • Norah
  • Reese
  • Elle
  • Evelyn

On the subject of names, Derek and I talk a lot about the worst names that we have come across. Derek coaches youth hockey and I used to work full time in a large pediatric hospital so we feel like we have seen a good amount of very unique names. Derek loves to rag on ‘hipster names’ like Brixton and Jaxley, but his love of old hockey player names (Neil, Gordy, Clarke) makes his opinion just that, an opinion. Sorry honey, no little ‘Clarkies’ running around! In naming, there is being ‘different’ and then there is being… Well, I’ll let some of these names explain themselves.

  • Fconnor-  (pronounced Ef-Connor) The parents were naming him after a family member with the first name starting with an F, but liked the name Connor, so they just tossed the letter F in front of Connor. Fcool?
  • Twin boys: Oranjelo & Lemonjelo. Said out loud, you may think, ‘Jello flavors?’ and you would be so very right.
  • Ocean, River, Orien, Oak-  Family of four kids, I guess they really like nature?
  • Umajestyravona– (pronounced you-majesty-ray-vonna)  I will never forgot that little girl. I like to tell myself she will go by Rae.
  • Aiken- Having the first name of a top 5 of all time American Idol contestant’s last name isn’t great. At least it’s not Underwood.

I am so happy with what we named Henry Roger, and I know that we are making a great decision in what we name our second. There is a certain amount of obligation a parent has to give your child something that defines them, and I know we have done well so far.