Postpartum Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks

SugarBear Hair Vitamins

A huge thank you to SugarBear Hair for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.


Before I was pregnant or had kids I didn’t know that postpartum hair loss was even a thing that women experienced.  Quite honestly I had only heard of women talking about “the glow” and how their hair was stronger, longer, and healthier from pregnancy (I think they were all lying, just kidding.) Unfortunately for me I experienced the complete opposite.  I have long hair (and yes, its all my hair, no extensions.) But, long hair does not equal healthy hair.

I dreaded showering and brushing my hair.  I would end up with so much hair in my brush or in my hand it was depressing and most of all, frustrating. And don’t even get me started on those damn baby hairs…  What was I doing wrong? and how could I fix this?  Here are a few tips & tricks on what I did to help with my postpartum hair loss:


  1. Take Two SugarBearHair Vitamins a Day

    I take mine right before I brush my teeth at night, its become a great routine.  Plus, I normally have a little sweet tooth at night and these little gummies are tasty.  They help with hair strength, elasticity, stopping hair breakage, and growing longer and stronger hair.  I’ve noticed less hair loss, tangles, and dryness, which were all HUGE problems after having my babies.  You can buy them in one, three, or six month supply.  I highly recommend the three or six months to see full results.  If your curious about the ingredients, SugarBearHair doesn’t keep them a secret, here is a full list of the effective ingredients in every gummy.  SugarBearHair Vitamins

  2. Keep Hair Washing to a Minimum-

    I used to wash my hair once and sometimes even twice a day!  It was drying out my hair and encouraging it to fall out more easily!  Stick to dry shampoo when you need it.  Also, braids and updos work so much better with “dirty” hair, I promise!  If you haven’t read my Quick Beauty Routine I share a secret on how I still shower without getting my hair wet, because no one wants to be smelly.Long Fishtail Braid

  3.  Brush Right- 

    No, not your teeth (even through thats important too!)  Your hair.  Always start at your ends and work your way up.  I can’t stress this enough.  You need to work any tangles you have out at your ends first, if your starting at the top, I can guarantee you’re pulling out healthy hair and causing more hair loss then needed.  Also, find a brush that works works for your hair type.  This is my current favorite and its under $10!Molly and Vivian

  4. Keep up with Trims-

    I have always been awful at this but, it’s a must!  I know when you’re trying to grow out your hair and struggling with hair loss the last thing you want to do is go get a hair cut/trim.  It feels like you’re going backwards, I get it. But healthy, fresh cut ends are the key to preventing breakage and giving your hair the best chance to grow out.

Thea Nike Sneakers & Hair Braided

5.  Give it Time-

Postpartum hair can be a real b*&@#  and sometimes it doesn’t want to go away overnight. Don’t rush it & don’t stress – it will get better!  Once you’re giving your hair the help it needs (using the tips above) give your hair time to change and become healthy again.  In the meantime enjoy that precious bundle of joy!

Mom, Henry & Vivian

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What It’s Really Like with Two under Two



What it’s Really Like with Two under Two

Two Under Two

The Big Announcement

17 months and 13 days.  That’s how far apart Vivian and Henry are, exactly.  I still remember finding out we were expecting baby #2. Henry was about to be ten months old and the Fourth of July was around the corner.  The Fourth of July seems to really stick in my head, we were out on a boat with family and I didn’t want people to be suspicious when I turned down homemade sangria.  We weren’t ready to share our secret until after our first appointment.

pregnant 4th of july

Fourth of July 2015. I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant.


At the time, Henry seemed like our “big boy.”  We didn’t see him as little baby anymore, he was standing on his own and on the verge on walking, in our mind he was our little toddler. We were excited about baby #2 and once we got past our rocky first couple appointments we shared our big news!

Here’s where you can find Henry’s announcement shirt.

Pregnancy Announcement

What we didn’t realize is that everyone else still saw Henry as a baby.  So now we were “those people” with a baby, having another baby. Most people thought we were crazy.  I can’t even tell you how many times I heard, “But, Henry won’t be two when the baby is born.”  “Was this a planned thing?”  First of all, if someone announces they are pregnant you have two choices:

1. Say “Congratulations” and be excited for them.

2. Keep your pie hole shut and say nothing at all.

End of story. Unless, you are the father of that baby or the one who is going to be caring for the baby those are your options.

Being Pregnant & Having a One Year Old


I think this is for most people having a second baby, but your pregnancy will fly by.  Seriously, it felt like one morning I woke up and was 37 weeks pregnant and our little peanut was going to arrive at any moment. But, with the realization that she would be here any day I started getting feelings of “Holy Shit, this is real. I’m going to have two babies soon.”

During this pregnancy I got a lot of stares, looking back now, I get it.  People are curious, they are trying to do the math in their head, “How pregnant is she? and how old is her baby she is carrying?”  I should have just worn a T-shirt that had it all, “Yes, this was planned.  I’m seven months pregnant.  My baby is 15 months old.”  It would have answered a lot of questions I’m sure.





She’s Here

It all became real when she arrived, life was about to get crazy.  Vivian graced us all with her fast arrival on February, 10th (a week before we expected her to arrive.)  We were so excited for Henry to meet his little sister.  I must admit, at some points my “mom guilt” took over and I felt bad that we were cutting Henry’s “only child” time short.  He was very interested in meeting her, but it only lasted a few minutes before he decided playing with trucks in the lobby and running around getting attention from the nurses was more entertaining.

Henry meeting Vivian


We went home as soon as the hospital would let us.  I missed Henry, it was the longest I had been away from him.  My heart was SO full and I was on cloud nine.  Our first week home was much “easier” then I had anticipated with my husband taking a few days off and people visiting Vivian reality hadn’t set in yet (I just didn’t know it yet.)

Vivian was born on a Thursday and I believe Derek went back to work on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.   Thats when the panic set in, I was worried.  How was I going to survive the day by myself.  Slowly, I got the hang of hit and we had a schedule down.  But, getting out of the house was a whole different story.  It was hard.  Henry still needed to be carried in any parking lot and carrying a car seat at the same time was difficult.  Again, this brings stares and people trying to do the math.  A full year later and I’m still getting “those” mathematician stares.

Henry and Vivian Napping

I remember the first doctors appointment I had for Vivian, She was two weeks old and Derek had an important meeting he had to go to.  I was on my own and again, I was panicked.  It wasn’t a walk in the park, Henry didn’t listen in the lobby (he wanted to run around) and I had a crying, hungry newborn that wanted to nurse and I wanted to cry too.

Fight or Flight


A few times (okay, maybe more) I felt pity for myself.   I felt like I needed more help, I didn’t always want to be stuck at home,  I wanted a few minutes to myself, and even more sleep.  PAUSE.  I want to be clear, when my husband was home he was helpful and when my mom and sister were free they were willing to give me a hand too.  BUT, Monday through Friday 6am-5:30pm felt long when I was alone with the babies.

It didn’t take more then a couple weeks of feeling like it was impossible to get out of the house before I figured it all out.  I figured out how to juggle it all on my own.  If you’re reading this and you are pregnant with your second baby, know you will figure it out too, its like some magic power “us moms” have!   The exhaustion may never go away, but it will be filled in with lots of hugs, snuggles, kisses, and millions of happy moments.  Below are moments where I started to get it “down” I started to feel like I could really handle this two-under-two thing.


Looking Back


Both kiddos were sick a few weeks ago and we went in to see their pediatrician.  She reminded me that this is the busiest I will ever be.  Even though it may never seem feasible… in a few years I will look back and wonder how I did it.  When I think about it, as a mom with two kids 17 months apart, you just do everything that needs to be done and you don’t think about it until someone brings it up.  Getting in and out of the car and car seats, diaper changes, lots of crying, feedings, lack of sleep, messy house, learning to multitask.  I don’t think anything of nursing Vivian while making Henry lunch and trying to find cartoons he wants to watch until I think about how silly I look trying to do it all at once.  You just do it.

A year later and I’m still surviving, I have even had a few brief moments of baby fever.  Don’t panic, it will be a couple more years until another Budde baby joins our gang.  But, I want you to know I would do it all over in an instant, happily.


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A Stroll Down Memory Lane

In just a few weeks and we will be all packed up and moved out of our first home.  Here is a stroll down memory lane to remember all the good times in our home!  If you haven’t read “Moving on up!!” go back and read it first (it will make more sense.)

We brought home our kitty Mellanby (pronounced Mel-ann-bee.) She is named after the hockey player Scott Mellanby who got the nickname “rat trick” after killing mice in the locker room.  We decided to not only get her for companionship, but to also keep mice away so we felt the name was fitting.


We were so excited to hand out candy for our first Halloween in our home.  Derek brought home a six pack of Woodchuck Ciders (my favorite) and we anxiously awaited our Trick-or-Treaters.  We layed out in the sunroom sipping our ciders and waited, and waited, and waited… The whole entire night we only ended up getting ONE Trick-or-Treater, a little boy dressed as Buzz Lightyear.  We ended up watching “Top Ten” videos on YouTube and eating all the candy ourselves.

We became Mr. & Mrs. Budde!

We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and had the time of our lives!  We still cannot believe how beautiful it was there!

We announced baby Budde was on their way! Derek got to enjoy one of our “firsts” bottles of wine (a gift from our wedding shower.)


Picking up my parents and sister from the airport and surprising them with blue balloons… Baby Budde is a BOY!


Henry made his debut making us a family of three.  The first few days home as new parents we just enjoyed our time together and soaked in Derek’s week off from work.  We sat out in our sun room and Derek read ‘Gone Girl’ out loud while we cuddled our new little guy.  We finished the book that week and we were both huge fans.  This will forever be one of my favorite memories.


Anyone that knows my husband knows Derek lives and breathes golf.  So, when he got his first hole in one it was a big deal! He was in such a good mood he even put up with being “Donkey” from the movie ‘Shrek’ for a costume party later that night.


Who knew such a little person came with so much stuff! Between hauling strollers, golf clubs, hockey equipment, and other baby gear we decided it was time to trade in the car for an SUV.

Henry turns one, time really does fly by!

Baby #2 is on their way, Henry is going to be a big brother!

Vivian is Here and we are a family of four! Adjusting to life with two littles was sure a transition for everyone, especially Henry.

We settle in as a family of four and realize our family is growing and our house is shrinking.  We will cherish the memories that took place in our home forever, but its on to new adventures.


Vivian’s Birth Story

February 10th, 2016

2am- Painful contraction wakes me out of sleep, but I’m tired so I roll over and try to go back to sleep.

2:30am-  Another contraction.  “Okay, this could be something.” I decided to get up and walk up and down the hallway and stairs a couple times to see if things would  pick up.  NOTHING.  No contractions, great- another night of false labor (last week was full of false labor and bad sleep.)

3am- I lay  back down, can’t fall back asleep and painful contractions start again about 7 minutes apart.

4am- I’m in a good amount of pain by this time now, but still second guessing if this is the real thing- because every time I walk around the contractions SLOW down.

4:30am- I go use the ladies room and I am bleeding a good amount (sorry TMI.)  But, know I am convinced this is the real thing.

4:45am- Wake up Derek and let him know “It’s time!” I go and call my aunt who lives about ten minutes away to come and stay with Henry while my mom who lives about 40 minutes away drives down.  I also call the hospital to let them know we are headed in.

By this time I’m feeling really emotional.  I’m still feeling like this is surreal, but at the same time I’m getting excited to meet our daughter!

5:15am- We hit the road and head to Woodwinds Hospital to meet our little girl! The car ride was uncomfortable and the contractions were staying steady by this point and were getting hard to talk through.

5:45am- Arrive at the hospital and get brought up to labor and delivery

By 6am we were brought into a triage room.  The nurse said they would monitor my contractions for about an hour and check my cervix to see if this was “true” labor.  I was checked and was Dilated 6cm and was fully effaced (YAY! “true” labor!)  The nurse said, “Maybe you guys will have this baby by 10:30 this morning!”  In the back of my mind I thought this lady was crazy, it would take longer than that! Wouldn’t it?  About 15 minutes later we were moved into a labor and delivery room.  We went over a checklist of questions with the nurse- allergies? pain plan? medical history? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.   Shift change for the nurses hit and our new nurse arrived and she got things in order for my epidural #blessed.  Around 7:45 the anesthesiologist arrived and my epidural was placed- nothing like a four inch needle in the back.  About 5 minutes later, I turned to Derek and said “I feel like I’m on a cloud!”  The epidural was my new best friend.  A half hour after the epidural was placed my nurse checked me again and I was fully dilated, effaced, and ready to push! I was in shock and I had no idea it was going to go so quickly! The nurse went to get my doctor and they both came back in the room and I started to push at 9:03 and after 3 pushes Vivian entered the world at 9:07am!  She was perfect.  I felt like I was on top of the world  the euphoric feeling after giving birth is indescribable!  This tiny 6 pound 7 ounce 19 inches tall little girl was all ours to love. The nurses and doctors teased me about how “easy” and fast my labor and delivery was.  “For baby #3 you better camp outside the hospital for the last few weeks of the pregnancy!” Said one nurse.  I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing birth experience with no complications and a healthy baby in the end!



Newborn Essentials

I’ve been slowly pulling out our “newborn” baby items and washing them in preparation for the arrival of miss Viv.  All of this is making me so excited to meet her! It hasn’t been that long since Henry was a newborn, but I still forgot just how tiny they start out!  When I was pregnant with Henry, I went WAY overboard on baby items.  Now, with baby #2 I know exactly what I like.  Here are must haves/ essentials:

Bamboo Swaddle Blanket(s):  Henry loved to be swaddled and my fingers are crossed that Vivian will too.  I have fallen in love with our new girly swaddles from A Little Lady Shop. They have different patterns and colors there is no way you won’t find at least one you fancy.  Here are a few things you might not know about bamboo swaddle blankets:

Thermal regulating:  keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

anti-bacterial: contains a natural anti-bacterial agent which keeps baby germ and odor free.

Allergy Reduced:  Non-irritating fibers make it ideal for babies with skin sensitivities.

a little lady shop


Co-Sleeper:  This isn’t just any co-sleeper; it’s the DockATot a breathable, washable, portable,  completely safe, and cozy space for your little one to sleep, relax, or even enjoy tummy time.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this for round two! (especially for breastfeeding at night.)  They have two sizes, Deluxe (0-8months) Grand (9-36) They just came out with gorgeous new colors and patterns! I have my eye on the coral trellis cover, but then again I do like the emerald isle pattern too! Decisions, decisions.

Perfect Diaper Bag:  I cannot gush over my new diaper bag any more than I already do- and I must admit I get complements on it a lot (most recently at the dentist office.)  Lily Jade has accomplished making a stylish diaper bag that doesn’t appear “diaper bag” looking and is still fully functional.  It’s made of premium full-grain leather and the inside is a great poly fabric. There is also a completely detachable baby bag organizer (which is a life saver!) I have the Madeline in Brandy bag, but they have many other bags too!

360 degree nursing cover:  This is SO important to me! I loved breastfeeding Henry, but I cannot tell you ladies enough about the struggle of trying to have a little privacy with a blanket over us and Henry pushing it right off.  The OVer is genius! it is a comfortable, wearable cover for mom that goes all the way around moms front and back side.  I am all about breastfeeding in public and with my OVer I can feel comfortable, its also multi-functional as a perfect carseat cover to keep germs (and nosey people) away from that new bundle of joy, and a shopping cart cover to keep your baby germ free!  I have the Libby Stripe OVer and LOVE IT, but there are many other prints to choose from!

Linen Ring Sling-  There are moments where I think “How am going to do this with TWO babies?” Even easy tasks like going to Target or getting from the car into the gym.  Thats where my JoHo Baby linen ring sling will be a lifesaver!! I also loved wearing Henry around the house to get everyday tasks done.  It is SO easy to put on and it will never ruin your outfit because it is beautiful and there are so many color choices!  I have the London Linen Ring Sling, but I have my eye on a few other ones too including this gorgeous Mustard one!  Did I mention these slings are created by a mother herself! Check out her story here!

***This is not just for newborns I wear Henry comfortably around Target even nine months pregnant!

Babywearing with ring slings help both mother and baby successfully and joyfully transition from womb to world in the crucial fourth trimester.” -JoHo Baby

Diaper Changing Pad-  Does anyone else dread changing their little one in public?  I am so grossed out by the thought of laying my little one down on the germ-infested changing table.  And about 95% of the time there are never any paper liners left to put down first… Grrr.  EASY SOLUTION: Posh Parrish makes the most adorable soft, washable, wipeable and easy-to-store changing pads! The vinyl is soft and warm, not crunchy and cold like others that I have come across.  Boy, girl, or waiting to be surprised, they have many, many patterns to choose from and you won’t be disappointed!

Newborn Leggings- When I was pregnant with Henry I was constantly shopping for him (it was a bit of a problem.) But, a lot of things I bought for him he never wore because it was not practical baby attire.  Although newborn jeans and dress shirts are adorable they aren’t exactly the coziest.  This time around I focused on adorable leggings.  My favorite little drawstring leggings come from Babysprouts & Co.  Their drawstring leggings are NOT just made from stretchy cheap material.  They are made from 100% organic cotton knit, they are soft and have a little bit of a stretch making them durable and comfortable. The best part is the drawstring is functional (I cannot tell you how handy this is!)  They carry sizes newborn to 2-3T.  They also have head wraps, terry sweats, baby hoodies, and shorties, they are a must in my book.

Headbands-  Okay, okay so some of you may be thinking that headbands are not “essential” but, in my book every little girl should have beautiful headbands.  Little Biscuit Bows is completely my style, they are simple, yet beautiful and never too gaudy (this is important to me.)  They use a nylon material that stretches to your little ones head size to ensure it is never squeezing too tight.  I cannot wait to see Vivian sport her first Little Biscuit Bows headband.

Breastfeeding Snack-  This one is for baby and mama.  Breastfeeding can be difficult and no one tells you that even when things are going smoothly a dip in your milk supply can cause A LOT of stress! With Henry I tried everything under sun to get my supply up, I wish I would have known about Oat Mama then! It would have made my life a lot easier and saved me some stress too!  Oat Mama lactation bars are not only delicious, but they are an easy snack that you can take on-the-go and help sustain your milk supply without even thinking about it!  Still skeptical?  Check out other mamas’ testimonials here!

oat mama

Pacifier & Clip-  Henry was a huge paci boy until about 6 months and BAM! One day he decided he didn’t want it anymore.  For those first six months having a stock supply of pacifiers and clips was a must! Our kitty also decided she liked to bounce the pacifiers on the wood floors and chew them up into tiny pieces, so we went through what felt like a million pacifiers.  Anyways, this time around we are going with Natursutten Pacifiers they are made from all natural rubber and avoid the following:

  • Allergy causing substances
  • Artificial color
  • Cancer causing substances
  • Hormone disturbing substances
  • Chemical softeners
  • Parabens, PVC and phthalates

To avoid losing pacifiers we will pair them with the adorable Ryan and Rose pacifier clips.  Their Cutie Clips are just that, ever so cute! Don’t be fooled by the name you can find clips here for both genders!

Winter Hat-  Bundling up a newborn for winter can be a challenge, you don’t want them too overdressed, but you definitely don’t want them to be underdressed.  On top of all of that finding a winter hats that fit a newborn is almost impossible.  I see sizes 0-6 months, but know that won’t realistically fit a newborns little noggin.  This is exactly why small shop are THE BEST! Knitting Nannies can knit or crochet ANY size hat including a precious little hat for your newborn.  From Slouchy Beanies  to Fox Hooded Cowl Hats you will fall in love with something or in my case EVERYTHING!


Swaddle Sack-  Again, I am a huge fan of swaddling and believer of the “fourth trimester.” Mint and Arrows has the best/cutest/softest swaddle sacks around not to mention you can get a matching headband or beanie! Nothing beats a happy baby in a cute little cocoon.

Perfect Shirt For Mom- AKA the Soothe Shirt.  It is so simple, yet perfect.  It has an easy to use pouch to calm your new little one and built-in nursing bra to make breastfeeding easy!  My Soothe Shirt by Lalabu was one of the first items to make it in my hospital bag, its genius and every mom-to-be needs one!




BUMPstyle Box

The bigger my belly gets the more frustrated I get trying to put together outfits to wear. The struggle is definitely real. In a dream world I would have a stylist who would shop for me and have it ready in the morning. HA, like I said “dream world.” Instead, I roll out of bed looking like a zombie from the cast of TWD with a toddler attached to my leg and realistically I tend to worry more about his outfit then my own. #momlife


Lately it seems pretty trendy to have monthly “boxes” of some sort delivered to your house. I have known about stitch fix, citrus lane, Ipsy, Birch Box, and some others, but I didn’t know anything existed specifically for maternity wear. (My husband has even tried to convince me to let him get a golf-related monthly box) After a rough day and one-too-many outfits I didn’t like I did a little research and discovered BUMPstyle Box.

I made myself an account and took a fun little survey on my style, likes, dislikes, and anything specific I was looking for. A day or so later I was contacted by a stylist (Hannah) and she let me know she had some items picked out for me and they were going to be shipped out shortly!

A few days later my box arrived (and who doesn’t love “fun” mail?!) It was all perfectly wrapped up like a pretty little gift for me, and I hesitated to open it as I didn’t want to ruin it. Hannah, my stylist wrote me a sweet note that had some great styling tips. I loved all the pieces she sent, she matched my style perfectly! Below are the 5 pieces I was sent.

Not only did I love every piece that was sent to me it was all very good quality (soft, durable, & fitting for my body type.)  Every pregnant woman deserves to feel special like I did when I received my BUMPstyle Box.

If there are any items that don’t fit or you just don’t love it is a very easy return processes.  There is a pre-printed return label in your box and you just stick it on your original box and bring it to any local UPS store.


Cauliflower, Lettuce, Rutabaga, & Eggplant

stages of pregnancy

I think I may be the world’s worst blogger. Just when I promised I would be more diligent about weekly pregnancy updates- I don’t update for four weeks! Sorry, friends! Life just gets in the way and I felt like I was putting my pregnancy on the back burner to everything else going on. So, not only is this a pregnancy update-but a little “Budde life” update too. 

imageThis will sum up weeks 25, 26, 27, and 28! Holy cow, my belly feels like it has tripled in size overnight! Baby is now nearly 3 pounds and 15 inches, I always enjoy reading those cheesy updates on my app “The Bump”.  I am starting to get so excited to meet Vivian, hitting the third trimester seems like she will be here in no time! Getting her nursery ready (see Nursery In The Works if you haven’t already) and getting out little baby stuff that was packed away makes it all feel so real! Plus, in January, we have our anniversary and my birthday so that will help it go by. We just got our first bundle of newborn Honest Diapers and I forgot just how small and adorable they are (especially when next to a size 5!) This week I have my glucose test (I’m a week late going in, oops.) But, part of me is nervous I won’t “pass”.  This pregnancy has gone so smoothly I just feel like it’s not possible to continue like this! My fingers are crossed and I am hoping for the best!


Back to why being pregnant has been on the “back burner.” A little over three weeks ago Henry spiked a temp of 103 and was inconsolable. We took him in and he had a double ear infection and was started on ten days of amoxicillin. After a few rough days he seemed to be back to himself (playing, eating, sleeping etc.) Then, on day ten he spiked another temp nearly 104 and refused to eat anything (even ice cream!) We went back in and one ear was all cleared up, but the other just had gotten worse! We started another new med in hopes that this would take care of everything. On top of the ear infection our pediatrician thinks he caught something viral causing a nasty cough and runny nose which would wake him up when trying to sleep. Fast forward to now and Henry seems to be doing great and back to himself (finally!)

My husband is a contractor (not in the construction sense, but business.) Contracts can be anywhere from 60 days to years. The last six weeks or so of a contract is when the stress kicks back in of “Okay, where is my next contract?” My husband was coming up on the last six weeks of his current contract and starting to interview for new positions. As my husband reminds me I can be a negative nancy and I was starting to worry! Now, many people that don’t know the business of contracting wonder why do contracts instead of just finding a full time job? It can be very lucrative, but it does take a certain type of person to be able to do make a career of contracting. Fortunately, for our family my husband just happens to be so inclined! So, in exchange for some stress we are able to live comfortably.

Last week, my husband accepted a new position as a Technical Delivery Manager at a top 15 biggest company in the world (proud wife moment!)  Healthy babe, husband landed an amazing new contract, and I am a stress free (pregnant) mama!

This Thanksgiving I was extra thankful for all the good that has come into our life over the last few weeks. Today, while walking around the Library and indoor park with Henry it made me realize that even during our “stressful” times they are not even comparable to other people’s. Henry was holding my hand, had a cake pop in the other, and was walking up the big stone stairs. The big chocolaty smile that spreads across this boy’s face from making it up the stairs fills me up with so much joy. Soon enough I will have twice the amount! It’s overused, but we are so blessed.



Nursery In The Works

I love envisioning how Miss Vivian’s room is going to look when I am done with it. I watch enough HGTV to believe that I’m pretty much an interior designer and I can turn this plain-jane room into a serene nursery.  I’m channeling every bit of Christina (Flip or Flop) and Jojo (Fixer-Upper) into this room!

Just like every other woman on this planet, I sit on Pinterest and dream up exactly how I want my house decorated. Below are pictures I am using for inspiration:



I want the nursery to be light and feminine, yet cozy.

Here is the room before. (Wow, Henry looks so little!) It was a guest room/ Henry’s extra play room(Lucky little turd):


The room was a light blue before and we decided on “Mayfair White.” A very light mint color.


***The wall color is most accurate in the picture of me holding the frame in front of my belly.

We ordered our crib sheet from Caden Lane and just ordered our crib online from Target! {Crib Sheet is ‘Pink Petunia’ and crib is ‘Jenny Lind’ in white}

Plans moving forward:

Because Vivian’s room has wood floors I want to find a large rug (10×8 give or take) I am in love with one at Restoration Hardware, but I am not willing to spend nearly 3k on a rug.  So, I am on the hunt for a similar rug. Anyone have any suggestions?

Wool Rug from RH

wool rug

I plan on replacing the light in her room with something more unique and I want to take advantage of the 9ft ceilings! I have found the rocker I want from Target and I have a 6-drawer dresser at my parents house I am sanding down, staining, and affixing new hardware on.  The dresser will also double as a changing table.


I have my eye on a few different crib skirts and decor for the walls. Because she is being named after my Grandmother, I do want to incorporate something special.  I found a pair of angel wings at Hobby Lobby and plan on “framing them” along with a picture of my Grandmother and a prayer.  I have some old frames I just need to paint them all the same shade of white. image

In the next few weeks I plan on working on her nursery, keep checking back for more updates! Thanks friends. As always, I would love some feedback or ideas!


Becoming A Mom, Again

From the instant I found out I was pregnant with Henry my heart was filled with joy.  I was never nervous to become a mom and had full confidence in myself. I always knew I wanted to be a mother and it was something I always dreamed of.  When I was little, I was OBSESSED with dolls and babies and ‘playing house.’(sorry siblings!) I was born to be a mother, it is my dream job and my childhood fantasy come true!

The doctor placed Henry on my chest my heart was complete.  Meeting my little boy for the first time was heart stopping and only a mother knows this feeling. Having a loving husband and our son, a piece of both of us- our lives were complete.  We knew we wanted more children, but our focus was solely on Henry.  Every breath he took, yawn, cry, whimper, and stretch we were there standing over him or holding him witnessing EVERYTHING.


Fast forward 15 months, I am now 26 weeks pregnant (and a ball of emotional mush) with our sweet Vivian and I find myself thinking-

Will I make a good mother of two?

What if I miss her growing?

What if I can’t give enough attention to both children?

Will Henry feel bad when she gets attention?

Will I be able to manage?

How will I love both children enough?

I am embarrassed to admit I am more nervous for baby #2 to arrive then I was for Henry.  When out and about, I catch myself thinking, “How will I do this with two little ones?” It’s not just the everyday things I worry about either.  I am worried about giving birth. I had a great birth experience with Henry with only a few hiccups. So, in my little worrying brain I think, “I was lucky last time, things can’t possibly go as smoothly this time.” I even have irrational thoughts of “What if baby comes too quickly and I don’t make it to the hospital!?” Don’t judge me, I said they were irrational! I’m sure some reading this are probably thinking we were asking for it having our babies 18 months apart!  We get enough of that… “But, He Won’t Be Two Yet.”

When I was going from jr. high school to high school I was a nervous wreck.  My anxiety was full blown: the building was so big, the older kids were SO cool, I had to manage changing classes in a larger setting, find people to eat lunch with,  and mainly I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.  That’s when my grandpa told me some sage advice. “Molly, 99% of your worries will never happen!” I can still remember it clear as day, we were eating lunch at Applebee’s at a high top table.  And you know what?  My grandpa was right!  I made it through high school and look back and laugh at the thought of being nervous at all. My husband has a similar story about his anxiety, his anecdote is that someone dumber has gotten through it before. It’s crass, but it’s true. Whatever works, right?


I need to trust the good advice.  The same thing is true for becoming a mother for the second time. Most of my worries will never even come up and if they do I will adapt (that’s what us moms do best!) I was meant to be a mother and my dreams are coming true for the second time (how lucky am I?!) I have great support around me and trust in myself and mom abilities.

This is what I was meant to do.


Have your Cake & Eat It Too

Feeling confident about my body image has always been a struggle of mine. Naturally, it only got worse when I was pregnant with Henry. As I’ve talked about before in Mom Bod: A Love/Hate Relationship this pregnancy I’ve been WAY more active which in return has boosted my confidence!

As many of you know, I nursed for 13 months. While nursing Henry I tried MANY different nursing bras and tanks. Some of them were okay, but nothing that made me feel special and especially not sexy. When you’re covered in baby vomit, your boobs are leaking milk, and your body hasn’t returned to what you thought it would – it’s hard to feel good about yourself.


I’m trying to get ahead of the game this time and try out some maternity/nursing bras now. That’s how I came across Cake Maternity. If you haven’t heard of them check out their website (or hit up Nordstrom’s where they are now sold!) You will not be disappointed.


Every last stitch on their bra and panties is beautiful, but it’s not just the beauty it’s the comfort. Their bra is supportive, with three hooks in the back and an extra wide strap. They do all of this without looking like a cheap “grandma” bra. The strap has a strip of sexy black velvet with tiny little ruffle along the edge. It’s lace is delicate and sexy and meets with a perfect tiny velvet bow in the center. The panties are low rise and perfect for my growing bump, and have the same attention to detail as the bra.

To say it in a PG term, it’s been husband approved. The best part is you lose none of the look and feel because it’s specialized for maternity/ nursing.


Overall, it’s a win/win situation. I get to feel sexy and comfortable and it’s still functional! I honestly didn’t know this even existed. I always thought, “Pain is beauty.” (thanks,Mom) Well, Cake Maternity has happily proven me wrong.