Project Master Bedroom

We moved into our new home mid-August and the first thing we did was start painting. If you don’t have much of a budget, but want change, paint! Paint is cheap and makes a huge difference!  Side note, at our old house I painted our living three different times while I was pregnant, I couldn’t decide what color I wanted! #crazypregnancyhormones

The previous paint colors in our current master bedroom were not my taste.  I had taken “before” pictures on my phone, but while in Puerto Rico my phone went for a swim and all those pictures were not saved.  I can describe to you that the Master bedroom was a yellow color, we aren’t talking about a soothing yellow, more between a school bus and bright sunshine yellow.  Yes, it was cheery, but I always want to be able to sleep at night.

Our biggest piece of new furniture we purchased for our room was our headboard.  I had been looking for a while and couldn’t decide if I should make it myself or buy it.  After finding one on Amazon I liked, I did the math and found it would be cheaper to buy this one then to make it.  Ours is the king-sized Navy, but it comes in all sizes and many different colors too!

Tuft Headboard 
Can you spot my helper?


Our second item to cross off our list was new end tables.  I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just something that looked cute and did the job.  I also found ones I liked on Amazon and were under $75 each, score!  They weren’t difficult to assemble and had good reviews (I seconded the good reviews!)

Elmwood End Tables

For our lamps I went to the local thrift store and found old ones for $5 a piece. Obviously I spray painted them both with a high gloss navy.  It worked like a charm! I picked up new lampshades from Target and just like that- matching lights for under $50!


Since we went with a headboard and no footboard I felt like we needed something at the foot of our bed.  I found a birch bench at ikea and painted it myself.  It worked out because it was long enough to look good at the foot of a king size bed.  I just place a throw blanket and pillows on it to help soften the look of having a wood bench.



For warmth and texture we added a rug from Target and drapes from HomeGoods.  I searched for a long time for curtains that were high quality and long enough that weren’t going to make my bank account (or husband) have a heart attack.  Like seriously, you can end up spending thousands on drapery.



I always like white bedding, I think it looks clean and cozy.  I always keep our duvet cover white and switch our sheets out with the season.  During the winter flannel is nice and cozy, but for summer we prefer cotton (same goes for pillow cases.)  I always add different throws to our bed for texture and of course to cozy up with when SOMEONE hogs the duvet.

Duvet Cover & Bedding

For the decor and finishing touches I’m always browsing around HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, Pier One, Hobby Lobby, World Market, Wayfair, Joss & Main, and of course Target!

Printed Board Above Bed 
Circle Mirrors


Let me know what you think! Helpful? Interesting? Inspiring? Boring?  Should I share other rooms in our home? Thanks friends!




Lachlan & Lenny

Okay friends; I’ve teamed up with Georgie, a talented artist and owner of  Lachlan and Lenny to give away one free portrait!  If your dying to order one immediately, (or don’t win the giveaway) you can use the code RAISINGBUDDIES10 for an extra 10% off at checkout!

I am terrible at anything involving artistic tools. When I was in 7th grade, we had to make a 16×20 self-portrait that was first sketched, then painted.  My sketch wasn’t too bad, but, once it came to the painting portion I was in trouble. When I was “done” my teacher recommended I take it home that night and give it a little TLC.  I was so embarrassed that it was going to be hanging out in the hallway for my classmates to see, until I realized my work was so bad that it was impossible to distinguish the subject!  That night I went home and convinced my older sister to help fix my painting.  She did her best to fix my portrait and I’m pretty sure there was a full inch of paint corrections. I brought it back to school and my teacher was satisfied with it.  Long story short, I really admire Georgie’s talent.

I’ve been following Lachlan and Lenny on Instagram for awhile now and I am always floored by how beautiful her watercolor portraits are.  She is a fellow Midwest Mama (Iowa) so of course I love her.

Since we are living with my parents for 8 weeks until we move into our new home, I wanted to get my Mom something unique.  She is always trying to get a family picture with everyone, plus their two bulldogs.  It never works out! Either a kid is crying, the bulldogs won’t stay still, or one family member is missing or on the golf course. Once or twice, she has fallen victim to the classic ‘[Name] isn’t looking at the camera.’  Georgie has the perfect solution. You send her multiple photos of everyone being painted so she can get the looks down and she uses her immense talent to come up with a picture of everyone!  I sent her about 5-7 different pictures.

She doesn’t just paint family portraits either, if your looking for a painting of your home, a past home, or a beautiful saying she can do it.


So, here’s the good stuff!  To enter to win a free portrait crafted by Georgie; comment here on my blog post.  The comment can be anything from your name to what you think about Georgie’s artwork.  Lastly, follow us both on Instagram: Lachlan and Lenny & Raising Buddies.  The Giveaway will be closed on Friday at 10pm and the winner will be announced HERE on Saturday, July 9th by 11am.  Good Luck!


Succulent love- DIY

It took me a little longer then expected to get this little project done.  I went to three different places to get small clay pots and all three places were sold out!  I guess in this case the fourth time is the charm!  Thank goodness, because taking two small kids in and out of stores is pretty much the worst (any mom knows this!)  This an easy project  you can get your little ones involved in, just expect a mess (and careful with the glueing part.)

Here is everything you need: (plus a paint brush and scissors.) Succulents, (mine are from Greenworld Greenhouses), clay pots, lace or ribbon, paint (I chose blue), glue sticks & hot glue gun, scissors, potting soil, and spade shovel.

Take the stickers off the pots, paint and let dry at least an hour!

After the pots are dry, you can start glueing on your ribbon/lace.  You don’t need a ton of hot glue, just small dots to keep the ribbon on.  I did all different patterns to make each of them unique.  I left some of my pots the natural tone as well.

Take your pots outside (or somewhere that can get very dirty) and pick off any extra strands of glue off the pots.  Now the pots are ready for succulents!

Here are the finished pots!  I put them in the windows in the bedroom downstairs to add texture and greenery.  I still need to get small dishes to put underneath them so when they are watered it doesn’t create a mess.  It’s a myth that succulents don’t need to be watered often.  Yes, they will live with little water, but they won’t grow or thrive.  I like to use a spray bottle filled with water and spray the soil.  It doesn’t make a mess and it prevents over watering. Enjoy:)


Nursery In The Works

I love envisioning how Miss Vivian’s room is going to look when I am done with it. I watch enough HGTV to believe that I’m pretty much an interior designer and I can turn this plain-jane room into a serene nursery.  I’m channeling every bit of Christina (Flip or Flop) and Jojo (Fixer-Upper) into this room!

Just like every other woman on this planet, I sit on Pinterest and dream up exactly how I want my house decorated. Below are pictures I am using for inspiration:



I want the nursery to be light and feminine, yet cozy.

Here is the room before. (Wow, Henry looks so little!) It was a guest room/ Henry’s extra play room(Lucky little turd):


The room was a light blue before and we decided on “Mayfair White.” A very light mint color.


***The wall color is most accurate in the picture of me holding the frame in front of my belly.

We ordered our crib sheet from Caden Lane and just ordered our crib online from Target! {Crib Sheet is ‘Pink Petunia’ and crib is ‘Jenny Lind’ in white}

Plans moving forward:

Because Vivian’s room has wood floors I want to find a large rug (10×8 give or take) I am in love with one at Restoration Hardware, but I am not willing to spend nearly 3k on a rug.  So, I am on the hunt for a similar rug. Anyone have any suggestions?

Wool Rug from RH

wool rug

I plan on replacing the light in her room with something more unique and I want to take advantage of the 9ft ceilings! I have found the rocker I want from Target and I have a 6-drawer dresser at my parents house I am sanding down, staining, and affixing new hardware on.  The dresser will also double as a changing table.


I have my eye on a few different crib skirts and decor for the walls. Because she is being named after my Grandmother, I do want to incorporate something special.  I found a pair of angel wings at Hobby Lobby and plan on “framing them” along with a picture of my Grandmother and a prayer.  I have some old frames I just need to paint them all the same shade of white. image

In the next few weeks I plan on working on her nursery, keep checking back for more updates! Thanks friends. As always, I would love some feedback or ideas!