Free People Look-A-Like Sun Dress for a Fraction of the Price

Shopping on Pinterest

I am constantly looking for outfit inspiration on Pinterest.  But, there is nothing worse then coming across something you fall in love with and then its:

  1. Sold Out
  2. Not linked to anything & no information is given on the brand or store

That’s when I came across the Free People ‘Bloom Dress,’  immediate heart eyes, I needed it in my life.  That’s when I looked and it was sold out everywhere, like seriously, I searched high and low and couldn’t find it in stock anywhere!

ruthie grace boutique

Finding a Look-a-Like

The stars aligned and I came across a look-a-like of the Free People ‘Bloom Dress.’  Dare I say I actually liked it more, it was over half the price, and it was in stock (and still is!)  Head over to Ruthie Grace Boutique to scoop up this dress for under $60!

It’s the perfect dress to dress up or down, wedges, sneakers, clogs, or heels.  This dress can rock it all!

Free People Bloom Dress Look a Like

Playing Trucks with Henry Playing with Henry Outside Sun Dress with Baby Sun Dress Holding Vivian

Outfit Details:

Sun Dress // Sneakers // Hat // Kids Moccs // Vivian’s Dress // Henry’s Shorts // Henry’s Tee

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9 Ways Spring Motivates Moms to Live a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

Mom and Henry on Patio

Spring Motivation

I used to always say Fall was my favorite season, but I switched teams to Spring after having kids.  To me “spring ahead” is like a fresh start to me, almost like the new year.  It’s easier to get and stay motivated in the spring time and here’s why…

Growing Succulents and Coffee


     1. More Daylight-  Is there anything better?  I get more done throughout the day because my day actually feels longer (in a good way!)  The shortest day of the year (December 21st) only has 7 hours and 54 minutes of daylight.  After daylight saving we work our way up to the longest day (June 21st) with a whopping 16 hours and 33 minutes!  That’s over double the amount of “day!”

     2. Warming Up- Obviously, along with spring comes the warmer, and most of the time “better” weather.  I’m not sure about you, but the nice weather gets me going.  During the cold, winter months I really just want to stay snuggled up all day watching Netflix.  And lets be honest, the kids rule the house so watching ‘Special Agent Oso’ all winter can be draining.

Henry and Mom jumping

3. Windows Open-  Instant mood changer.  Fresh air flowing through the house makes me feel ready to conquer anything, even if it’s cleaning.  Which bring me to #4.

4. Spring Cleaning-  I know it doesn’t sounds like a party or anything, but having a sparkling clean house leaves me feeling less anxious and more relaxed.

spring cleaning

5.  Get Outside-  Everyday that is weather permitting we either go to a park, walk, bike ride, play a sport, or try swimming.  Getting outside and moving more makes me feel so much better about myself.  Most of the time you’re getting a good workout in without even realizing it!  Also, the runts are staying active, having fun and burning off all their energy.

 6.  Saving Money-  Along with spending more time outside I find myself spending less money.  We are busy playing outside and having fun for free.  During the winter we are always looking for fun indoor activities, but those all add up quickly.  If you’re anything like me it’s hard not to spend that extra money on cute spring/summer clothing!

Vivian Walking at Park

Henry going down slide at park

     8. Eating Healthier- Don’t get me wrong, on a nice warm day there is nothing better than an ice cream cone! I do find myself eating more fruit, veggies, and salad. Combined with all those walks and exploring outdoors, your waistline might be shrinking with little effort! Score!

9.  Confidence Boost-  Spring time really brings out the best “me!”  Less anxiety because of a clean house, boost of happiness from fresh air and sunshine, (AKA Vitamin D) thinner waistline, thicker wallet,  and most of all creating special memories with my kiddos makes me feel like a million bucks.

Fishtail Braid and Off the Shoulder Top Vivian Playing at Park Holding Hands with Vivian Piggy Back Ride Fishtail Braid up close Henry Climbing at Park

Outfit Details

Off-the-Shoulder Top // Distressed Jeans // Colorful Sneakers // Kids Moccs // Vivian’s Dress // Floral Headband // Baby Cardigan // Henry’s Shorts // Chambray Button Up // Stackable Rings //

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NOT Your Mother’s One Piece- Flattering Swimwear for Trendy Moms

Holy Grail of Swimwear for Moms

Not Your Mother’s One Piece

Spring break is coming up fast and summer is right around the corner! And that means… swimsuit season!  I’m happy one pieces have changed from being “grandma” to trendy and dare I say… sexy.  High cut thighs to give you those model long legs or a killer plunging neckline –  there is something for everybody (funny) to feel comfortable and confident about.  All different styles to flatter all different body types, below are some of my favorite one piece women’s swimsuits!

In a week, my family and I are headed to South Carolina for a little rest and relaxation. If anyone have recommendations for things to do or places to eat in Greenville or Myrtle Beach, I’m all ears!  I’m just happy to be in warmer weather, enjoy a little sunshine and of course rock these one pieces I’m sharing with you!

The Leah (Charcoal)

Leah in Charcoal

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Raising Wild (you may have seen them on Shark Tank!)  Two sisters create and design the most amazing swimwear! My absolute favorite is the Leah, but I must admit its a close call next to the Kara. What I’m really excited about is Raising Wild just announced their new spring collection (coming out in a few weeks) is going to feature the Leah in more color options! Its lace up sides give a slimming look to your whole mid section, can I get this in every aspect of my wardrobe?  I also have to mention the quality of Raising Wild is worth every. single. penny.  You’re boobs won’t be falling out, your straps won’t be slipping and your swimsuit won’t be falling apart after a few wears.


Siesta Key Monokini (Posey Grove)

Kate Spade Siesta Key Monokini

Kate Spade never disappoints and this feminine monokini proves it.  You can find this beauty at Piper and Scoot and a handful of others too!  This suit brings back a bit of old beach glam making me channel my inner Mad Men.


Naomi One Piece

Shop Stevie One Piece

I’m bringing sexy back (pun intended again.) Can we talk about the details on the back of this suit… perfection!  Oh, did I mention it’s under $45!  If you haven’t heard of Shop Stevie, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Out of stock in your size? Head over to Instagram and find a Shop Stevie Rep who may have more available!  Interested in being a rep yourself?  Check it out, here!


Prude Jude

Prude Jude Boys & Arrows

I’ve been swooning over this suit for along time, along with pretty much all the swimwear over at Boys + Arrows.  The mid-cut thigh and nude mesh panels make ‘Prude Jude‘ the teaser of all teases.


The Day Tripper

The Day Tripper Albion Fit

This suit just screams “beachy vibes!” The citrus print and stripe top compliment each other and your sun-kissed tan.  You can find this babe of a suit at Albion Fit.  Like the print, but the style isn’t for you?  Check out their whole new ‘Citrus‘ line!


Starry Midnight Floral

Beach Riot Starry One Piece

High neck and lace plunging details make this suit uniquely stunning.  Check out the open back and cheeky bottom, here.  This feminine, yet dark print mix it up from your “typical” bright and beachy prints.  Ophelia Swimwear has so many swimwear options your head will spin (or your bank account…)


Audrey off the Shoulder

Audrey off the shoulder

I’m all about the off the shoulder look this season.  The ‘Audrey‘ is simple and classy,  you can’t go wrong.  You can find it at the Pink Desert for under $40!


Kai Lani Tropicana

Kai Lani Tropicana

The double straps and details are eye catching and oh, so sexy.  This suit has the right amount of sex appeal without being tacky.  Want to be a beach goddess?  Check out this suit, at Mermaids Boutique.


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30 Fabulous Shoes



I love all types of shoes from pumps to sneakers!  A gal who knows how to dress up and down is a real fashionista to me.  So, I’m linking 30 of my favorite shoes, all different styles and budgets, I promise there is something for everyone!  And if there isn’t, you need to try a pair out and I promise you will fall in love.  Check ’em out!




1.  Suede Over The Knee Boot (Evia) *ON SALE* 

2.  Mid-Top Running Shoes (Thea) ***I’ve linked a website that is $40 cheaper than on Nike.com

3.  Chelsea Boots




4.  Slingback Buckled Ankle Booties **Under $25

5.  620 Sneakers

6.  Austin Bootie




7.  Dez Lavendar Heel **under $40

8.  Deal Breaker Flats

9.  Unforgettable Over the Knee Boot


10.  Gabby Heels 

11.  Lea Wedge **Limited sizes in stock (I’ve been checking everywhere!)

12.  Amber Orchard Clog 

13.  Blake Bootie **40% off

14.  Hybrid Leather Strappy Bootie **50% off

15.  1964 CVS Boot



16.  Chambray Del Ray Sneakers

17.  Purdy Heels

18.  Pink Cactus Slide Sneakers **Splurge


19.  Pointy Toe Flat **Under $25

20.  Call It Spring Pumps **Under $40

21.  Arielle Wedge Booties


22.  Faux Suede Strappy Ankle Heels  **Under $30

23.  Ankle Boots with Studs

24.  Leather Boots with Wooden Heels **$100 off


25.  Leather & Suede Pumps

26.  Zola Riding Boot  **Designer might surprise you, love her!

27.  Madison 12-hour Pump


28.  Tall Rain Boots

29.  Leather Slingback High Heels 70% off!

30.  Highland Over the Knee Boot **Spluggggeee


Functional and Super Chic Diaper Bags for Moms

Functional designer diaper bags


The Hunt for the Perfect Diaper Bag

When I was pregnant with Henry, it seemed I was on the hunt for a diaper bag that I actually liked for a long time!  I had found many that screamed “Diaper Bag” and I wasn’t ready to give up on staying trendy just yet (or ever.)  I was looking for a diaper bag that was stylish, no one could know it was a diaper bag, and that I would have plenty of room to stay organized.   I’ll keep it short and simple, after a long search I’ve found some real gems!  Here are some of my favorite places that sell the best fashionable and functional diaper bags.

**Every brand name is “clickable” and linked to checkout what other styles of bags they have to offer.  Here are just some of my absolute favorites.


Lily Jade

Lily Jade Rosie Grey

Lily Jade Organizer

Lily Jade Madeline Black & Red





Little Unicorn




CoCo + Kiwi



Fawn Design




Stork Sak

Stork Sak

Stork Sak

Emma Tan


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7 Best Boutiques

Online Boutiques

I’ve Done the Hard Work for You

I’m always searching on Instagram and Pinterest for online boutiques that have great style.  Shopping online at these boutiques who have a great Pinterest and Instagram gives fabulous ideas on how to style their clothing and shoes in different ways, which is always helpful!

Shopping online gives me time to “peruse” with no rush, no cramped stores, no pressure, and best of all- I get to be home!  Anyways, I’ll get to the good stuff; (in no particular order) here are some of my favorite online boutiques and bonus, I’ve added their Instagram and Pinterest links too:

1.  Shop Stevie

A husband and wife duo started this company two years ago and now have an adorable little girl! A mom with great style, YES!

Shop Stevie Instagram

Shop Stevie Pinterest


2.   Ruby Claire Boutique

Another husband and wife duo here. Ruby Claire Boutique gets assistance from their adult children and they make the perfect team.

 Ruby Claire Boutique Instagram

Ruby Claire Boutique Pinterest


 Not only do they have some of the most stylish clothing, but they also have baby and home decor too! One of my favorite “Instagram moms” wears a lot of ROOLEE, so I’ve also added her Instagram account for style inspiration!

Roolee Boutique Instagram

Ginger Parrish Instagram– Cute kids. Great Style. Can you ask for anything more?

Roolee Boutique Pinterest

4.  Raising Wild

Sisters and best friends (they are moms too) that have created swimwear for fit, fashion, and functionality.  Seriously, it’s the best swimwear around. I’ll be rocking my Raising Wild in Puerto Rico and I can’t wait! Oh, did I mention they were on Shark Tank?! AND got a deal!

Raising Wild Instagram

Raising Wild Pinterest


5.  Soel Boutique

 Here’s a Wife and mother of three who made her dreams come true by opening this boutique.  11 years later her boutique is flourishing and so are the relationships she has made throughout.  Her mission statement is:

“We believe in curating a life that represents you. Whether it’s on trend or classy and timeless, we offer you pieces that can help you create a beautiful life, piece by piece. We know that comfort is huge. We find pieces that you’ll not only look great in, but feel great in as well. Life can be full of goodness. We don’t want you to fill your home, closet, and life with “stuff”, we want you to love everything surrounding you and your families. Hopefully we can help play a role in that for you.”

Soel Boutique Instagram

Soel Boutique Pinterest


6.  Primp Boutique

Let me start off by saying there is a Primp about ten minutes from my house and it’s dangerous.  Not dangerous in a scary way (unless you’re my bank account) scary in a “I go there too much” way.  But, no worries if you’re not in Minnesota, you can shop online too!

Primp Boutique Instagram

Primp Pinterest


7.  Pink Blush

They aren’t just Maternity.  Their clothing is made to be worn during all stages of life, pregnant or not! I have so many pieces from Pink Blush that I wore pregnant and still wear, all their clothing is so versatile.

Pink Blush Instagram

Pink Blush Pinterest

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Have your Cake & Eat It Too

Feeling confident about my body image has always been a struggle of mine. Naturally, it only got worse when I was pregnant with Henry. As I’ve talked about before in Mom Bod: A Love/Hate Relationship this pregnancy I’ve been WAY more active which in return has boosted my confidence!

As many of you know, I nursed for 13 months. While nursing Henry I tried MANY different nursing bras and tanks. Some of them were okay, but nothing that made me feel special and especially not sexy. When you’re covered in baby vomit, your boobs are leaking milk, and your body hasn’t returned to what you thought it would – it’s hard to feel good about yourself.


I’m trying to get ahead of the game this time and try out some maternity/nursing bras now. That’s how I came across Cake Maternity. If you haven’t heard of them check out their website (or hit up Nordstrom’s where they are now sold!) You will not be disappointed.


Every last stitch on their bra and panties is beautiful, but it’s not just the beauty it’s the comfort. Their bra is supportive, with three hooks in the back and an extra wide strap. They do all of this without looking like a cheap “grandma” bra. The strap has a strip of sexy black velvet with tiny little ruffle along the edge. It’s lace is delicate and sexy and meets with a perfect tiny velvet bow in the center. The panties are low rise and perfect for my growing bump, and have the same attention to detail as the bra.

To say it in a PG term, it’s been husband approved. The best part is you lose none of the look and feel because it’s specialized for maternity/ nursing.


Overall, it’s a win/win situation. I get to feel sexy and comfortable and it’s still functional! I honestly didn’t know this even existed. I always thought, “Pain is beauty.” (thanks,Mom) Well, Cake Maternity has happily proven me wrong.



Consessions of a Gap Addict


When I was in my third trimester, I would wake up multiple times a night to use the ladies room. If it was after midnight, I would check my Gap app on my phone to see what the new sale there was and if any new items or collections were added. I was addicted. It was embarrassing. I am happy my husband was asleep and couldn’t judge me!

Gap shopping bag


But, I did learn to get the best deals and saved our family a lot of money. Here are my 6 rules to getting a great deal:

1. NEVER, EVER buy something unless they have an additional 40% off or it’s part of a spend $100 get $45 off. These events come up often, every week or so, and all items will eventually be put on these lists.

2. Don’t buy things at aren’t in the sale section. Gap goes through their collections fast so it normally doesn’t take long for current to become ‘sale’ (3 weeks to a month.) That way you get the $40 sweater on sale for $28 plus the additional 40% off you have been waiting for! Thank God for their impatience.

3. If you have a Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, or Athleta card you will earn rewards and receive an extra 10% off on Tuesdays! If you’re like me, Tuesdays have become a top 3 best days of the week!

4. Check at Gap.com for their sale of the day even if you’re going into the store itself. Read the details- because sometimes it says: online AND in stores, but the stores won’t be advertising an extra 40% off (this happens A LOT especially an additional amount on sale items in stores). Normally they will take the extra 40% off at checkout!

5. If it’s time to redeem GapCash, use it in stores!! Online will not let you combine your GapCash with any other offers, but in stores will! This last round of GapCash I got an additional 40% off my items on top on using my GapCash!

6. Try to shop ahead. I know this is easier said then done, but, you can save a lot of money. I bought Henry’s winter jacket at the end of last winter and paid $12 for a jacket that was originally $70.