Postpartum Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks

SugarBear Hair Vitamins

A huge thank you to SugarBear Hair for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.


Before I was pregnant or had kids I didn’t know that postpartum hair loss was even a thing that women experienced.  Quite honestly I had only heard of women talking about “the glow” and how their hair was stronger, longer, and healthier from pregnancy (I think they were all lying, just kidding.) Unfortunately for me I experienced the complete opposite.  I have long hair (and yes, its all my hair, no extensions.) But, long hair does not equal healthy hair.

I dreaded showering and brushing my hair.  I would end up with so much hair in my brush or in my hand it was depressing and most of all, frustrating. And don’t even get me started on those damn baby hairs…  What was I doing wrong? and how could I fix this?  Here are a few tips & tricks on what I did to help with my postpartum hair loss:


  1. Take Two SugarBearHair Vitamins a Day

    I take mine right before I brush my teeth at night, its become a great routine.  Plus, I normally have a little sweet tooth at night and these little gummies are tasty.  They help with hair strength, elasticity, stopping hair breakage, and growing longer and stronger hair.  I’ve noticed less hair loss, tangles, and dryness, which were all HUGE problems after having my babies.  You can buy them in one, three, or six month supply.  I highly recommend the three or six months to see full results.  If your curious about the ingredients, SugarBearHair doesn’t keep them a secret, here is a full list of the effective ingredients in every gummy.  SugarBearHair Vitamins

  2. Keep Hair Washing to a Minimum-

    I used to wash my hair once and sometimes even twice a day!  It was drying out my hair and encouraging it to fall out more easily!  Stick to dry shampoo when you need it.  Also, braids and updos work so much better with “dirty” hair, I promise!  If you haven’t read my Quick Beauty Routine I share a secret on how I still shower without getting my hair wet, because no one wants to be smelly.Long Fishtail Braid

  3.  Brush Right- 

    No, not your teeth (even through thats important too!)  Your hair.  Always start at your ends and work your way up.  I can’t stress this enough.  You need to work any tangles you have out at your ends first, if your starting at the top, I can guarantee you’re pulling out healthy hair and causing more hair loss then needed.  Also, find a brush that works works for your hair type.  This is my current favorite and its under $10!Molly and Vivian

  4. Keep up with Trims-

    I have always been awful at this but, it’s a must!  I know when you’re trying to grow out your hair and struggling with hair loss the last thing you want to do is go get a hair cut/trim.  It feels like you’re going backwards, I get it. But healthy, fresh cut ends are the key to preventing breakage and giving your hair the best chance to grow out.

Thea Nike Sneakers & Hair Braided

5.  Give it Time-

Postpartum hair can be a real b*&@#  and sometimes it doesn’t want to go away overnight. Don’t rush it & don’t stress – it will get better!  Once you’re giving your hair the help it needs (using the tips above) give your hair time to change and become healthy again.  In the meantime enjoy that precious bundle of joy!

Mom, Henry & Vivian

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Milkmaid Fishtail Braids Video Tutorial

Hump Day, Hair Day

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while you know I’m a huge fan of the milkmaid braid style.  It looks like a fancy   and intricate hairstyle, when it’s really any easy look that keeps your hair pulled back and out of the way! Win/win.  To change it up from the traditional braid I wanted to share the style with fishtail braids.  I’ve also added Chloe and Isabel hair accessories to my braid, they are so fun!  If you want to know how I get my milkmaid fishtail braided style check out my tutorial below.

If you want to try my exact hair style you will need the following:

Small Hair Ties 

A Few Bobby Pins

Small Deco Pavé Pin Set

Curling Iron

Hair Spray (optional)

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Come Style With Me

My favorite part about trying new hairstyles is how different you can look.  Sleek, wavy, curly, braids, twists, middle part, bangs.  Honestly, you can look totally different from one day to the next just by changing your hairstyle. Isn’t that why we all love a good hair day?

A huge thank you to LumaBella for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.

And to thank you loyal reader, LumaBella is offering all my readers 25% off  the Cool Mist Straightener with the code: Molly25

When I was in Junior high and High School I was constantly straightening my hair.  Unfortunately, I was using a straightener that didn’t have any type of protection and I was destroying my hair.  Now, I don’t have to worry about the damage! With my new routine and my LumaBella Cool Mist Straightener I know my hair is in good hands (or tools? *insert laugh here*)

I’m sure at this point you’re thinking, “How does a straightener hydrate and protect hair?” This is why I love my LumaBella Cool Mist Straightener… It’s straightening process is two steps. It starts with a cool mist infusion that hydrates, protects and preps your hair for the heat.  The second step is the salon quality heat, and it gives your hair that beautiful sleek look (and it lasts!)

Now, to the styling part.  Here is my very first hair tutorial (on YouTube)… EEK!  It was nerve-racking, so please be kind! That said, I would love some feedback! I hope you enjoy it!

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Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

If you read my last ‘Weekly Roundup‘ then you already know about my plan to share a hair tutorial every Wednesday.  I’m calling it Hump Day, Hair Day.  So, if you like my style or are looking for a new braid check back every Wednesday, or better yet subscribe and get emailed updates, I have some fun giveaways coming up in February!

Easy Pull Through Braid


This is my go-to when I want a braid that isn’t going to slowly fall apart throughout the day.  It’s easy to do and looks so full!


Here is everything I use when doing this hairstyle:

1.  Wet or Dry Brush (I swear by these brushes, I love them!)

2.  Small Clear Hair Bands or what I call “braces binders”

3.  Hair Spray 

4.  Bobby Pins (if you want your bangs or a twist in the front)

5.  Dry Shampoo (If you want your hair to have a little more texture to it!)

6.  Curling Iron (I love my Bio Ionic!)

Place the pony tail where you want the braid to fall, I placed mine low, but I also do it higher up as well!  Higher up is a great option for a busy day or working out!  This is also where I out any bang or front pieces you want to be out of the braid, I also put a slight wave in my front pieces using my Bio Ionic curling iron.


This is the step you’re going to be repeating over and over again. Divide your pony tail into two parts and then split one of those parts in half (just like above.)  The two sections are always going to go around the single section and then put a hair tie around it, rotating which section of hair becomes “two” sections.


Continue sectioning and tying your hair until the end of your ponytail (leave about an inch at the bottom.)


When my braid is an inch from the bottom I like to stop and put a little hair spray on the whole braid to prepare for the next step.


Starting at the top pull the braid apart.  This makes the braid appear thicker more full.  All the hair ties placed throughout the braid keep it “pulled apart” nicely!  And thats it, your braid is complete!  Once you get the steps down it honestly only takes about 5 minutes!


You can do this style with shorter hair too!  This is my sisters hair with the same style with a few twists back to the braid.  Her hair down is shoulder length.





7 Best Boutiques

Online Boutiques

I’ve Done the Hard Work for You

I’m always searching on Instagram and Pinterest for online boutiques that have great style.  Shopping online at these boutiques who have a great Pinterest and Instagram gives fabulous ideas on how to style their clothing and shoes in different ways, which is always helpful!

Shopping online gives me time to “peruse” with no rush, no cramped stores, no pressure, and best of all- I get to be home!  Anyways, I’ll get to the good stuff; (in no particular order) here are some of my favorite online boutiques and bonus, I’ve added their Instagram and Pinterest links too:

1.  Shop Stevie

A husband and wife duo started this company two years ago and now have an adorable little girl! A mom with great style, YES!

Shop Stevie Instagram

Shop Stevie Pinterest


2.   Ruby Claire Boutique

Another husband and wife duo here. Ruby Claire Boutique gets assistance from their adult children and they make the perfect team.

 Ruby Claire Boutique Instagram

Ruby Claire Boutique Pinterest


 Not only do they have some of the most stylish clothing, but they also have baby and home decor too! One of my favorite “Instagram moms” wears a lot of ROOLEE, so I’ve also added her Instagram account for style inspiration!

Roolee Boutique Instagram

Ginger Parrish Instagram– Cute kids. Great Style. Can you ask for anything more?

Roolee Boutique Pinterest

4.  Raising Wild

Sisters and best friends (they are moms too) that have created swimwear for fit, fashion, and functionality.  Seriously, it’s the best swimwear around. I’ll be rocking my Raising Wild in Puerto Rico and I can’t wait! Oh, did I mention they were on Shark Tank?! AND got a deal!

Raising Wild Instagram

Raising Wild Pinterest


5.  Soel Boutique

 Here’s a Wife and mother of three who made her dreams come true by opening this boutique.  11 years later her boutique is flourishing and so are the relationships she has made throughout.  Her mission statement is:

“We believe in curating a life that represents you. Whether it’s on trend or classy and timeless, we offer you pieces that can help you create a beautiful life, piece by piece. We know that comfort is huge. We find pieces that you’ll not only look great in, but feel great in as well. Life can be full of goodness. We don’t want you to fill your home, closet, and life with “stuff”, we want you to love everything surrounding you and your families. Hopefully we can help play a role in that for you.”

Soel Boutique Instagram

Soel Boutique Pinterest


6.  Primp Boutique

Let me start off by saying there is a Primp about ten minutes from my house and it’s dangerous.  Not dangerous in a scary way (unless you’re my bank account) scary in a “I go there too much” way.  But, no worries if you’re not in Minnesota, you can shop online too!

Primp Boutique Instagram

Primp Pinterest


7.  Pink Blush

They aren’t just Maternity.  Their clothing is made to be worn during all stages of life, pregnant or not! I have so many pieces from Pink Blush that I wore pregnant and still wear, all their clothing is so versatile.

Pink Blush Instagram

Pink Blush Pinterest

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Postpartum Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks


10 Minute (or less) Beauty Routine


If you’re like me; you’re a mom, you like to sleep in, and you seem to always be running late! And if you’re like me you may be lacking time to get ready in the morning.  So, I’m sharing my favorite products and tips that help me get out the door in ten minutes looking like a million bucks (or at least like I didn’t just roll out of bed after a night of baby feedings every other hour.)

I used to always shower to start my day. I’ve since realized it was taking a lot of my time that I didn’t have. It wasn’t the actual shower, it was actually my hair. I was taking an extra 15-20 minutes to blow-dry my hair (I have a lot of hair!) Plus, this was causing a lot of unneeded damage.  I’ve been hearing from my hair stylist for years now that I shouldn’t be washing my hair everyday and I’ve finally listened to her! (Thanks Chelsea!)

I’m sure your thinking, lady, you must smell like a swamp if your not showering daily. No worries dear reader, I still shower and wash my body, I just cover my hair with a shower cap! If you’re in a pinch you can take a plastic bag from your local grocery or Target (I know you have a million of them stockpiled in your pantry…) put your hair in a top knot, place the bag over your hair up to your hairline, tie the handles of the bag tightly ensuring its secure to your head. It works like a charm, and is quite flattering, as you can see above.

To keep my hair looking fresh and to give it texture for full hair and braids I love using Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo.  It smells fresh and does a great job of absorbing any excess oils I have in my hair (especially my bangs and around where I part it.)

For quick styles I stick to easy braided styles, pony tails, or a “half up” do (half top knots are great if your hair was curled the day before.)  All of these are easy to hide imperfections in your hair like a crazy kink or colic that you didn’t have time to straighten or curl.  Bobby pins and little clear hair binders (that I call “braces binders” because we still have little bags of binders from when I had braces that I used more for hair styles then my braces… oops) are your best friend.

For braids, I like to keep it fast and simple- down the back or to the side. A french braid in the front that continues down into a braid holds nicely throughout the day and looks polished.  To switch it up, I’ll do a high ponytail or a top knot.

With little time for make up, I’m sticking to my basics.  I want my skin to look bright and healthy and my eyes not to look like I haven’t slept in 2 years #mombie.

I start with my face primer and then completion perfector (If I have blemishes I use a bit of concealer too.)  Since I’m on a time limit, I skip over contouring and go right to a little blush.  Blush will help your face still have a nice shape and definition. I’m always switching up my blush, but for this I used Bare Minerals Blush ‘Beauty’.  It’s a perfect quick blush that has a little sparkle to it, so no highlighter needed, (Time saver!)

I put on a quick layer of a brown Mascara, I like using brown when I’m doing a light make-up application, so my eyes don’t look too overpowering. For the finishing touch I brush through my brows so they are shaped. Lastly, finish with a nice light lip gloss or lip stain.  Again, nothing too bold (you can even do a chapstick if your lips just need a day off!)  Wam, Bam, Done! You’re ready for your day and looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed!