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Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

The first time I heard someone refer to themself as an “Influencer” I thought it was the most made up term. Almost as bad as the job titles on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. But, the more time I spent on Instagram (and later blogging) I realized “social media influencers” were real- making real money! Bloggers have existed since the dawn of mainstream internet, but I didn’t know much about the “behind-the-scenes” before I started.

Instagram Posts

How I got Started:

I started out using Instagram as a platform to share pictures and little blurbs about life. Looking back, my pictures in the beginning were horrific! My first Instagram post was of a box of Gold Fish crackers…

Fast forward to after the birth of our first baby, now I was pregnant with Vivian the account had about 5k followers. This was when the first company contacted me to create an Instagram post in exchange for a few items of their clothing. I was ecstatic! At this point I had no idea this was even a thing! It intrigued me to say the least. The picture above is one of the Instagram posts featuring this company’s maternity shirts.

Months down the road- a coworker persuaded me to start my own blog. I owe a big “thank you” to Devonda for giving me the confidence to start blogging.  At first I felt weird sharing myself and even a little embarrassed when I would spend a lot of time creating a blog post and only 30 people would read it. I thought about throwing in the towel many times, but I am so happy I didn’t.  I’m proud to report with all the hard work I’ve put into my brand, my blogs are being read by thousands and I have created an income that is more than when I was working a “normal job.”

Almost two years later, I’m here; and sharing with you 5 myths about bloggers and social media influencers.



#1: Blogging is Free & Easy to Start

Ha! It has taken me a lot of time, effort, and late nights to get my blog where it is now. (I’m nowhere close to where I want it to be.) Yes, you can get a domain for free, but any “serious” blogger will say you need your own domain, and then you need someone to “host” it.  And yes, you guessed it… this all incurs costs. Not only that, but it can be confusing and if you want to hire someone to get your “theme” and another to look at your SEO- Ca-Ching! There is also the investments bloggers make like cameras, ancillary lenses, computers, hard drives, blogging and social media courses…etc. There is a reason why so many successful bloggers are blogging about blogging!


Free Blogging Product

#2 You Get Free Product

Sure, bloggers get products to review, share, show off, but it is not free! It’s all in exchange for something. An Instagram post, blog post, tweet, YouTube video or a combination of them.  The work that goes on behind the scenes can be very time-consuming and time is money.



#3 If you Create Great Content People Will Read it

False. You can create hundreds of amazing blog posts, but If you don’t get it out to the correct audience or have amazing SEO no one will end up reading it. That’s why bloggers work hard at building their social media platforms. This like everything else in the blogging world, it takes time and effort and content is key! But, creating an audience that enjoys your posts is everything. Having loyal readers means a lot to bloggers. So, if you’re reading this (which obviously you are…) thank you, it truly means a lot to me!



#4 If Your Post was Sponsored You Did It for the Money

Now I can’t speak for every blogger because I’m sure there are some out there that are just looking to make some extra dough. And don’t get me wrong, earning money is a huge plus, but for the majority, there are plenty of opportunities that you can pick and choose what you genuinely like.  Also, keep in mind many bloggers pitch companies to collaborate on a product.  A product they may already wear, use, or eat regularly! Next time you see “#AD” or “Sponsored” on a post give it a chance, read it- maybe the blogger is actually sharing about something they genuinely love.  In my opinion, you can tell when a blogger isn’t truly interested in the item, and the content will suffer. I avoid this type of activity because I feel like I sold my soul to the devil if it’s something I don’t support personally!


Napping Kids while mom blogs

#5 Blogging is just a Hobby

For some it might be, but for the majority it is a job (or second job.) I truly enjoy blogging, but I spend a lot of time creating content, building my social media platforms, answering emails, and learning more about creating a better blog.  I spend anywhere from 10-30+ hours a week on blogging.  This means staying up late after getting both toddlers to bed, waking up before them, and taking advantage of every second of nap time (and snapping a picture of it like above, because it rarely happens!)  Again, I love blogging and I don’t ever want it to become something other than that, but I do work hard too!


Time, Dedication, and Hard Work

I hope this helped you understand a little more about blogging and if you blog yourself I hope you had a few good laughs and “I couldn’t agree more” moments! Is there anything I missed? Or do you have any questions about blogging/social media? Comment below and I will answer all questions!

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Blogging and Social Media Influencers





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