Plans to Build a Modern Chic Desk for a home office (for under $40!)


Plans Build Modern Chic Desk home office

Yes, you read that right!

I built this desk for under $40 and minimal carpentry skills in just a couple hours and you can too! Spray paint and a few gold upholstery tacks will make it look like it is a chic $400 desk! Below is everything you will need:


Finished DIY Desk $40


  • screws
  • spray paint (I used white) $3.99
  • gold upholstery nails (2 packs) $1.30 x 2 = $2.60
  • Melamine White Panel Top (normally used for shelving) 45in x 24in  $12
  • 20.5in x 3.5 (times 2) wood of your choice (I believe I used whitewood, it was cheap!)
  • 29in x 3.5in (times 4) same wood as used above!
  • 42.5in x 2in (times 2)
  • 22in x 2in (times 2)

***The lumber came in pieces 8ft long and was cut to the appropriate length. Total cost of lumber was $18. Total cost of desk = $36.59 


  • Hammer
  • Screw gun
  • Table saw (optional) I had all my wood cut at Home Depot, just know your dimensions!

Building the Desk: Instructions

Desk Top Frame

Desk Top Fame

Adding Legs to desk

Base to legs of desk

Add Desk Top

This is where you will want to either spray paint or stain the desk (or leave it au natural!)

Side Note: 99 cent spray paint is 99 cents for a reason. I bought a can thinking it would work just fine. I would have needed 18 cans of it to even subtly coat the desk.  Lesson Learned, don’t be cheap when it comes to spray paint!


white desk DIYAfter my spray paint was dry I moved my desk inside and added the upholstery nails around the edge of the desk top.  It’s a nice chic touch, and hides the rough edge!

Upholstery nails

HOLY CHIC! And there you have it, a modern chic desk for under $40!  Stay tuned to learn more about completing a small office space and how to turn an old chair into a bright and comfortable office chair (for $12!)

DIY Build a Desk

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