The Ultimate Guide for Hosting a Summer Garden Brunch



A huge thank you to Q Squared for sponsoring this post. All opinions and love for hosting are my own! 

The Hostess with the most-es

There’s nothing more personal then inviting people into your home (or patio) for a home-cooked meal. But, as host it can be intimidating. With a few easy steps you will be ready to plan, host, and whoo your guests with a beautiful summer garden brunch.  With the help of Q Squared transforming your table into a beautiful setting ready to entertain guests is effortless!

I also want to note, you don’t have to have a fancy home or a huge budget to host a beautiful brunch (or any meal for that matter!) The beauty of it all is the love and creative effort you put into hosting and opening your home.


Q Squared Plates

Where to Start

This is the most intimidating part, planning from scratch.  Where do I start? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many people will I be hosting?
  • What meal will I be serving? Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner?
  • Indoor or Outdoor?

 My answers:

I’ll need a setting for 4 adults and two toddlers.

Brunch, everyone loves brunch.

Outdoors on our patio, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! **Virtually unbreakable plates are a must for outdoors! 

Q Squared Dishes

Now, move onto a couple more questions:

  • What dishes will I use?
  • Do I want a theme?  Color scheme?
  • What food will I specifically be serving? Food allergies?

My answers:

I’ll be using Q Squared Limonite Dinnerware. Can’t go wrong with any of their dinnerware! It’s also a great place to start to find inspiration for a color scheme or a theme.  I already have my eye on their ‘Yuletide’ dishes and platters for a holiday themed dinner party. Another reason I chose Q Squared was because the pieces are all 100% high-quality melamine, but have the look and feel of porcelain/ceramic (and dishwasher safe!) This creates the best of both worlds, indoor/outdoor dinnerware that is virtually unbreakable! For a mom of two toddlers this makes my life easier! #LiveElegantly Everyday (even with kids!) 

My theme is “Garden.” So I want everything to feel bright, colorful, and incorporate natural greenery and flowers.

Brunch food/ NO food allergies: Crustless broccoli and cheese quiche, crisp bacon, fresh whole peaches, cinnamon rolls, mimosas, and diced breakfast potatoes. **Colorful food can also be used to bring a tablescape to life! Fruit and veggies are always a pretty (and edible) touch! 

A Few Theme Ideas 


Summer Brunch Table Scape

Summer Garden Brunch

Summer Brunch Table Scape

Setting the Scene

Keep your guests in mind when creating your table scape. Will they be able to see across the table? By keeping flowers and decor low your guests will be able to converse easily.  Tall vases and flowers can be placed in between the view of guests or at the ends of the table (if it’s rectangular.) Using garland or creating flower garland is perfect for in-between vases and table settings.  I created my floral garland for $8 and it adds so much to the table scape and ties everything together. Add fresh flowers or potted plants at each end for pops of color and texture.

The best part about an outdoor brunch is using what you already have! Hanging baskets, potted plants, flowers etc. are perfect to bring by your table to create an intimate setting.  If Dinner was your choice of meal to host, patio lights make a huge difference and really set the mood.

Q Squared

Summer Brunch Table Scape

Enjoy Food and Good Company

Set the table up ahead of time, leave plenty of time to cook and get ready. This will eliminate as much stress as possible. Enjoy good company, enjoy tasty food, and enjoy the beautiful setting.

Summer Garden Brunch

Summer Garden Brunch

Summer Garden Brunch

Summer Garden Brunch

Summer Garden Brunch


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