11 Simple Items to pack for a Pool day with Toddlers (Plus 7 Healthy Snack Ideas)


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A Day at the Pool

Spending the day by the pool is what the littles and I do best. We have a community pool and we use it daily. It’s just two blocks from our house, so we load up the stroller and walk. Having things for the pool that fit in our stroller basket is essential! I only have so many hands to get two toddlers, myself and all our pool stuff there and back without a meltdown (on my behalf!) Even though we are just a walk from the house I always want Henry and Vivian to have the option of a healthy snack.  Below you can find seven of our favorite healthy snacks (toddler and mom approved!)

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

I have to mention our stroller has a huge basket below which makes it really easy to bring everything we need for the pool.  We have the UPPAbaby Vista stroller and have the rumble seat to make it a double stroller (it’s the best!)

Packing' for the Pool

Pool Essentials

Cute Swimwear- Obviously, looking cute by the pool is our main priority.  Minnow is one of our favorite swimwear shops for littles! Their Swimwear is made and designed in California and are to-die-for cute! For more options, here is my complete guide for Baby and Toddler Swimwear.

Baby/Toddler Unicorn Float- There are a million and one baby floats to choose from, but what makes this unique is it doesn’t take much to blow up and its spring coil frame helps it fold back up into a small carrying case!

Sunscreen- Eczema/Sensitive skin friendly! Henry has severe eczema on his legs and we tried many different sunscreens (that dried out his skin and make his eczema even worse.)  This is what his allergist recommended and we really like this for both the kids bodies!

Sunscreen Face Stick- I like to use this stick for their faces because it’s easy to apply on squirmy babes!

Water Bottles- Cambelbak water bottles have been a lifesaver in keeping my littles hydrated! Even my exclusively breastfed toddler likes drinking water from her Camelback!

Life Jacket- Whoever invented the Puddle Jumper life jacket is genius! And I owe a big “thank you” to them! My toddler actually asks to wear his and loves swimming in it! The Puddle Jumper is Coast Guard approved and perfect for kids 30-50lbs.

Hooded Towel Cover Up’s- These are awesome because they can still walk without the towel dragging on the ground and it’s easy to get them buckled in the stroller if you’re headed home!

Swim Diapers- I’ve tried the reusable swim diapers and they aren’t for me.  Huggies Little Swimmers is the brand I trust for zero leaks and swelling.

Pool Toys- Below are our favorite three:

Water Squirter

Pool Balls

Sifting Funnel  (Vivian’s Favorite!)

Vivian with Watermelon


Poolside Snack Ideas

Carrots and Hummus

Fruit Kabobs

Mini Cucumbers (they have no seeds!) and Dip

Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups

Roasted Chickpeas (my favorite!)

Pretzels with Laughing Cow Cheese

Chunky Monkey Banana Popsicles

Henry’s Boardies

Vivian’s Bandeau Bikini 


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    1. Not gonna lie, I only read the article for the snack ideas. I am always looking for healthy options for my son. He loves to eat so much, but I want him to stay healthy at the same time. I will be giving all of these a try! Maybe my son will take to at least one.

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