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Birthday Present or Bust

For Henry’s second birthday Derek and I decided to get him a battery operated car/truck.  I have to say my husband did a great job into looking into reviews and things to look for to find a quality battery operated kids vehicle.  Below are my (his) best tips and also a link to the car we chose.

Henry and Vivian Last Summer

This was the day Henry got his car (August ’16) he would be two in just a few days.  And cue the tears, Vivian was just little peanut, where did my little gremlin baby go?!

Two Toddlers Driving Mercedes Vintage Battery Car

One Seater or Two

One of the first things you need to decide is if you are looking for a single driver car or two seater.  To be upfront and honest, our car is not meant to be a two seater.  We were looking for two seater when we bought Henry’s car and this car is a bit deceiving because it has two fake seats for looks, but the car is small and the steering wheel is in the middle.  We asked the seller; and they told us it could fit two small children.  Luckily, Vivian is a peanut and can squeeze next to Henry just fine.

Kids Battery Operated Car Remote for Adults

Age Appropriate

I was confident that Henry would know how to drive the car, but oh, I was wrong! I’m so happy my husband convinced me otherwise and we picked out a car that came with a remote. I didn’t even know this was a thing!  Also, Henry is tall for his age and I didn’t think height was going to be an issue, but even if he knew how to drive he could barley touch the pedal.  The remote for anyone with a child under 2.5 is a lifesaver!

Vintage Mercedes Kids Power Wheels

Size Matters

Get your head out of the gutter, I’m talking about batteries.  I had no idea there are different sized batteries for kids cars.  6V or 12V. Our little car has a 12V and I am so happy as it can drive on grass without stopping, we can go on a long walk without the battery dying, and it can make it up a paved hill.  After reading many reviews I have come to the conclusion that a 6V battery car is only meant for driving on a flat paved surface for 15 minutes at a time.  If your looking for more, 12V is for you.

Mercedes Vintage Kids ride-on


Who knew kids ride-on battery cars had accessories?  A real radio? Check. Flashing Lights? Check. MP3 slot? Check. Trunk for storing toys? Check.  I’m not saying these things are important, but they are fun and I’m not going to lie, I enjoy listening to the radio when we go for long walks/drives. Here is a little clip from my Instagram “stories” of us enjoying the radio (Any Ed Sheeran fans?)

Mercedes Vintage Power wheels kids driving

The Right Price

Shop around, especially online, as most places offer free shipping too!  I’ve found Amazon is easy to find a lot of options and even easier to compare prices.  Our car was purchased from off of Amazon, it wasn’t eligible for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping, but it came within a week or so and was still free! We scored our car for $217.97 including shipping.


Recommended Cars

Our exact car is currently out of stock on amazon, but I’ll keep an eye on it and post here if it comes back!   I’ve linked a few other cars that are the same brand, a great price, and have the same accessories and power as our car.



Mercedes Benz SLR Kids Car

Mercedes Benz SLR Kids Convertible ($229.99)

Aosom 12V Land Rover Defender Kids Electric Ride On Car with MP3 and Remote Control - Black

Land Rover Defender Kids SUV ($289.99)

Mercedes-Benz 722S Kids 12V Electric Ride On Toy Car w/ Parent Remote Control - Red by Aosom

Mercedes Benz 722S Kids Car ($249.99)

Tips for Finding aBattery-OperatedKids Car


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