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Don’t Let Your Child Take This Toy in the Bath

Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups

I want to start by saying the purpose of this post is not to slander Fisher Price, my family loves Fisher Price toys and we will continue to!  However if this information stops one child from getting hurt – even if it’s just a little bruise it’s worth it to me. 

Stackable cups

Here’s Our Story:

Henry, my two and half year old loves bringing these Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups in the bath tub.  They are perfect for scooping up water and watching it drain out, plus they are easy to dry off afterwards!  Until today I saw no harm in letting him do so.

About once a week my husband has code deployments with his offshore team in India. This means he starts working at 6:30pm.  Its pretty routine for me to feed the kids dinner, play for a bit, and then I take a bath with the kids in our jetted jacuzzi tub and we get ready for bed.  Henry picked out his Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups to go in the tub,  pretty routine.  He knows when the water fills over the jets (the tub is only half full at this point) that he can push the button to turn the jets on, again, normal for us.  Thats when one of the Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups quickly suctioned to the suction cover of the whirlpool tub and pulled my back tightly up to it!

Whirlpool Suction Cover


Filter with Fisher Price Stackable Toy

In a Split Second

It didn’t feel good and it scared me half to death. I obviously wasn’t expecting it and it is a very strong suction (video below.)  My first reaction was to turn around and pull the cup off, but I couldn’t!  It was too strong.  Thats when I realized I had to turn off the jets to get it off.  Yes, as an adult woman I could easily reach and turn off the jets.  The scary part is depending on their size a child probably won’t be able to pull themselves off the cup from the suction.  I don’t even want to think about what could happen to a child because of a freak instance like this. Even though my children are always monitored in the bath, this could have been harmful in the moments before I was able to act.


Better Safe Than Sorry

I never leave my children unattended in the bathtub and until a certain age I don’t believe most parents do.  Unfortunately, accidents happen and what I witnessed happen with these stack and rolls cups I’m not taking any chances.  These will no longer be bath time toys in our home.  I just wanted to share with other parents out there that these are potentially very dangerous and not worth the risk to our children.

Kids in the bath tub


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9 Ways Spring Motivates Moms to Live a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

Mom and Henry on Patio

Spring Motivation

I used to always say Fall was my favorite season, but I switched teams to Spring after having kids.  To me “spring ahead” is like a fresh start to me, almost like the new year.  It’s easier to get and stay motivated in the spring time and here’s why…

Growing Succulents and Coffee


     1. More Daylight-  Is there anything better?  I get more done throughout the day because my day actually feels longer (in a good way!)  The shortest day of the year (December 21st) only has 7 hours and 54 minutes of daylight.  After daylight saving we work our way up to the longest day (June 21st) with a whopping 16 hours and 33 minutes!  That’s over double the amount of “day!”

     2. Warming Up- Obviously, along with spring comes the warmer, and most of the time “better” weather.  I’m not sure about you, but the nice weather gets me going.  During the cold, winter months I really just want to stay snuggled up all day watching Netflix.  And lets be honest, the kids rule the house so watching ‘Special Agent Oso’ all winter can be draining.

Henry and Mom jumping

3. Windows Open-  Instant mood changer.  Fresh air flowing through the house makes me feel ready to conquer anything, even if it’s cleaning.  Which bring me to #4.

4. Spring Cleaning-  I know it doesn’t sounds like a party or anything, but having a sparkling clean house leaves me feeling less anxious and more relaxed.

spring cleaning

5.  Get Outside-  Everyday that is weather permitting we either go to a park, walk, bike ride, play a sport, or try swimming.  Getting outside and moving more makes me feel so much better about myself.  Most of the time you’re getting a good workout in without even realizing it!  Also, the runts are staying active, having fun and burning off all their energy.

 6.  Saving Money-  Along with spending more time outside I find myself spending less money.  We are busy playing outside and having fun for free.  During the winter we are always looking for fun indoor activities, but those all add up quickly.  If you’re anything like me it’s hard not to spend that extra money on cute spring/summer clothing!

Vivian Walking at Park

Henry going down slide at park

     8. Eating Healthier- Don’t get me wrong, on a nice warm day there is nothing better than an ice cream cone! I do find myself eating more fruit, veggies, and salad. Combined with all those walks and exploring outdoors, your waistline might be shrinking with little effort! Score!

9.  Confidence Boost-  Spring time really brings out the best “me!”  Less anxiety because of a clean house, boost of happiness from fresh air and sunshine, (AKA Vitamin D) thinner waistline, thicker wallet,  and most of all creating special memories with my kiddos makes me feel like a million bucks.

Fishtail Braid and Off the Shoulder Top Vivian Playing at Park Holding Hands with Vivian Piggy Back Ride Fishtail Braid up close Henry Climbing at Park

Outfit Details

Off-the-Shoulder Top // Distressed Jeans // Colorful Sneakers // Kids Moccs // Vivian’s Dress // Floral Headband // Baby Cardigan // Henry’s Shorts // Chambray Button Up // Stackable Rings //

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20 Baby Items Every Parent is Thankful for

What You Really Need

It’s so easy to get lost in the millions of baby products out there.  How do you decide which ones you need or don’t need.  These 20 products below are everyday (or close to everyday) items that are helpful, unique and amazing quality.  You will leave you wondering how you lived without them.

20 must have baby items

  1. UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller
  2. DockATot
  3. Noodle & Boo Skincare
  4. Natursutten Pacifiers
  5. Coco and Kiwi Diaper Bag 
  6. Britax Boulevard ClickTight
  7. Bloom Fresco Chrome
  8. Solly Baby Wrap
  9. 4moms mamaRoo
  10. Puj Tub
  11. Nosa Frida Snot Sucker
  12. BioKleen Baby Laundry Liquid
  13. Bloom Baby Care Baby Wipes
  14. LEVO Baby Rocker (sweet grey) by Charlie Crane
  15. Spearmint Love Swaddles
  16. Tranquilo Mat
  17. Milk Snob Cover
  18. Como Tomo Teether
  19. Joovy Boob glass bottle
  20. Dohm White Noise Machine

Already have one or more of these items?  What do you think of them?  What else would you add to this list?

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What to do when it rains on Vacation

When it rains, it pours…

Raining outside

…and temps drop 45 degrees, it storms, it sleets, and it gets extremely windy.  Okay-okay you get the point; the weather was really shi%$*.  Don’t get me wrong, I checked the weather before we left but was in denial and hoping they were wrong.  I packed beach goodies, shorts, sundresses, and t-shirts. We had everything but jackets, hats, and mittens (which is what we really needed.)  The first few days it poured all. day. long. and with the rain it dropped from 75 degrees down to 35 degrees and turned into sleet. Once the rain passed, we were hopeful – but it stayed cloudy, cold, and windy.  The sunny, beachy relaxing vacation in Myrtle Beach was now a cold, cloudy “what now?’ vacation.

Money Sucker

Lazy River and Ocean

The hotel we were staying at was on the ocean and had an outdoor pool, grill, hot tub, and lazy river.  When we booked this vacation our airfare was pricey, but we justified it with all the free outdoor activities we would be enjoying while we were there.  Well, you guessed it… we kissed those activities goodbye when the high was 42 degrees with 30 mph winds. So we had to get creative with our activities without completely breaking the bank.  A women in the elevator said it perfectly, “This weather has turned an inexpensive relaxing vacation into a money-sucking stressful one.”

Go explore

Downtown colorful buildings

We stopped the pity-party and put on our thinking caps (more like googling-fingers) and started looking for things to do. It was too cold and windy for any extended outdoor activities. Now, I don’t want you to think we were being babies, we are Minnesota people, we know the cold and it was cold.

cold outside

Our saving grace was wonderful suggestions from others. If you have Instagram or Facebook reach out and ask your friends and followers for recommendations, I got so many great ones from my “Insta” friends, places to eat and see.  Below are a few places we tried out had a great time!  We also mixed in “free” activities too, because things can get expensive quickly! Look up local malls (window shopping and people watching can be a great time!) libraries, boardwalks, and zoo’s (we have a free one here in Minnesota!)

House of Blues 

Vintage Music

Live music and good eats, does it get any better?  Check out times online to see when bands are playing or even pick up concert tickets!  We went to the one in Myrtle Beach, but they have locations in 11 different cities so you may be close to one! The interior and exterior of House of Blues is fascinating in and of itself.

Barefoot Landing

Barefoot Landing

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t walking around in shorts and flip flops, but it was fun to visit all the shops and it was free to walk around and see a little bit of North Myrtle Beach (warming up while shopping!)  We also got to see baby tigers brought in from the Myrtle Beach Safari to the Preserve Station at Barefoot Landing.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley's Aquarium

It was entertaining and fun for all ages!  Henry loved seeing the scuba diver swimming with the fish and he even gave her a high five!  It can get a little expensive for a family, but make sure to check with your hotel to see if they sell discounted tickets! We saved over $25 buying our tickets through the hotel!

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

baseball arcade game

We did our best at picking a “nice” day to go to the boardwalk, but it turned out to be extremely windy and only about 45 degrees.  So, we found this awesome arcade and played games for a couple hours, we had a blast!  ‘Baseball’ is only .25 cents and very addicting!  To whoever recommended this arcade to us on Instagram, we thank you!

Go Karts


Its something we normally wouldn’t do, but we had a blast (I promise this is just a badly timed picture!)  It was Henrys first time riding in a go-cart and he loved it (he thought he was the one driving!)  We took turns sitting out and holding Vivian and after we were all a bit chilly we went inside and played some arcade games.  Our favorite here was ‘Deal or No Deal.’

Headed Home

Molly on the Beach

Of course the day we were headed home it was nice out, which made it harder to leave. There is really “no place like home” and we were all ready to sleep in our own beds again.  You can find this swimsuit here, along with other amazing one pieces!

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Postpartum Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks

SugarBear Hair Vitamins

A huge thank you to SugarBear Hair for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.


Before I was pregnant or had kids I didn’t know that postpartum hair loss was even a thing that women experienced.  Quite honestly I had only heard of women talking about “the glow” and how their hair was stronger, longer, and healthier from pregnancy (I think they were all lying, just kidding.) Unfortunately for me I experienced the complete opposite.  I have long hair (and yes, its all my hair, no extensions.) But, long hair does not equal healthy hair.

I dreaded showering and brushing my hair.  I would end up with so much hair in my brush or in my hand it was depressing and most of all, frustrating. And don’t even get me started on those damn baby hairs…  What was I doing wrong? and how could I fix this?  Here are a few tips & tricks on what I did to help with my postpartum hair loss:


  1. Take Two SugarBearHair Vitamins a Day

    I take mine right before I brush my teeth at night, its become a great routine.  Plus, I normally have a little sweet tooth at night and these little gummies are tasty.  They help with hair strength, elasticity, stopping hair breakage, and growing longer and stronger hair.  I’ve noticed less hair loss, tangles, and dryness, which were all HUGE problems after having my babies.  You can buy them in one, three, or six month supply.  I highly recommend the three or six months to see full results.  If your curious about the ingredients, SugarBearHair doesn’t keep them a secret, here is a full list of the effective ingredients in every gummy.  SugarBearHair Vitamins

  2. Keep Hair Washing to a Minimum-

    I used to wash my hair once and sometimes even twice a day!  It was drying out my hair and encouraging it to fall out more easily!  Stick to dry shampoo when you need it.  Also, braids and updos work so much better with “dirty” hair, I promise!  If you haven’t read my Quick Beauty Routine I share a secret on how I still shower without getting my hair wet, because no one wants to be smelly.Long Fishtail Braid

  3.  Brush Right- 

    No, not your teeth (even through thats important too!)  Your hair.  Always start at your ends and work your way up.  I can’t stress this enough.  You need to work any tangles you have out at your ends first, if your starting at the top, I can guarantee you’re pulling out healthy hair and causing more hair loss then needed.  Also, find a brush that works works for your hair type.  This is my current favorite and its under $10!Molly and Vivian

  4. Keep up with Trims-

    I have always been awful at this but, it’s a must!  I know when you’re trying to grow out your hair and struggling with hair loss the last thing you want to do is go get a hair cut/trim.  It feels like you’re going backwards, I get it. But healthy, fresh cut ends are the key to preventing breakage and giving your hair the best chance to grow out.

Thea Nike Sneakers & Hair Braided

5.  Give it Time-

Postpartum hair can be a real b*&@#  and sometimes it doesn’t want to go away overnight. Don’t rush it & don’t stress – it will get better!  Once you’re giving your hair the help it needs (using the tips above) give your hair time to change and become healthy again.  In the meantime enjoy that precious bundle of joy!

Mom, Henry & Vivian

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NOT Your Mother’s One Piece- Flattering Swimwear for Trendy Moms

Holy Grail of Swimwear for Moms

Not Your Mother’s One Piece

Spring break is coming up fast and summer is right around the corner! And that means… swimsuit season!  I’m happy one pieces have changed from being “grandma” to trendy and dare I say… sexy.  High cut thighs to give you those model long legs or a killer plunging neckline –  there is something for everybody (funny) to feel comfortable and confident about.  All different styles to flatter all different body types, below are some of my favorite one piece women’s swimsuits!

In a week, my family and I are headed to South Carolina for a little rest and relaxation. If anyone have recommendations for things to do or places to eat in Greenville or Myrtle Beach, I’m all ears!  I’m just happy to be in warmer weather, enjoy a little sunshine and of course rock these one pieces I’m sharing with you!

The Leah (Charcoal)

Leah in Charcoal

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Raising Wild (you may have seen them on Shark Tank!)  Two sisters create and design the most amazing swimwear! My absolute favorite is the Leah, but I must admit its a close call next to the Kara. What I’m really excited about is Raising Wild just announced their new spring collection (coming out in a few weeks) is going to feature the Leah in more color options! Its lace up sides give a slimming look to your whole mid section, can I get this in every aspect of my wardrobe?  I also have to mention the quality of Raising Wild is worth every. single. penny.  You’re boobs won’t be falling out, your straps won’t be slipping and your swimsuit won’t be falling apart after a few wears.


Siesta Key Monokini (Posey Grove)

Kate Spade Siesta Key Monokini

Kate Spade never disappoints and this feminine monokini proves it.  You can find this beauty at Piper and Scoot and a handful of others too!  This suit brings back a bit of old beach glam making me channel my inner Mad Men.


Naomi One Piece

Shop Stevie One Piece

I’m bringing sexy back (pun intended again.) Can we talk about the details on the back of this suit… perfection!  Oh, did I mention it’s under $45!  If you haven’t heard of Shop Stevie, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Out of stock in your size? Head over to Instagram and find a Shop Stevie Rep who may have more available!  Interested in being a rep yourself?  Check it out, here!


Prude Jude

Prude Jude Boys & Arrows

I’ve been swooning over this suit for along time, along with pretty much all the swimwear over at Boys + Arrows.  The mid-cut thigh and nude mesh panels make ‘Prude Jude‘ the teaser of all teases.


The Day Tripper

The Day Tripper Albion Fit

This suit just screams “beachy vibes!” The citrus print and stripe top compliment each other and your sun-kissed tan.  You can find this babe of a suit at Albion Fit.  Like the print, but the style isn’t for you?  Check out their whole new ‘Citrus‘ line!


Starry Midnight Floral

Beach Riot Starry One Piece

High neck and lace plunging details make this suit uniquely stunning.  Check out the open back and cheeky bottom, here.  This feminine, yet dark print mix it up from your “typical” bright and beachy prints.  Ophelia Swimwear has so many swimwear options your head will spin (or your bank account…)


Audrey off the Shoulder

Audrey off the shoulder

I’m all about the off the shoulder look this season.  The ‘Audrey‘ is simple and classy,  you can’t go wrong.  You can find it at the Pink Desert for under $40!


Kai Lani Tropicana

Kai Lani Tropicana

The double straps and details are eye catching and oh, so sexy.  This suit has the right amount of sex appeal without being tacky.  Want to be a beach goddess?  Check out this suit, at Mermaids Boutique.


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