Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial


If you read my last ‘Weekly Roundup‘ then you already know about my plan to share a hair tutorial every Wednesday.  I’m calling it Hump Day, Hair Day.  So, if you like my style or are looking for a new braid check back every Wednesday, or better yet subscribe and get emailed updates, I have some fun giveaways coming up in February!

Easy Pull Through Braid


This is my go-to when I want a braid that isn’t going to slowly fall apart throughout the day.  It’s easy to do and looks so full!


Here is everything I use when doing this hairstyle:

1.  Wet or Dry Brush (I swear by these brushes, I love them!)

2.  Small Clear Hair Bands or what I call “braces binders”

3.  Hair Spray 

4.  Bobby Pins (if you want your bangs or a twist in the front)

5.  Dry Shampoo (If you want your hair to have a little more texture to it!)

6.  Curling Iron (I love my Bio Ionic!)

Place the pony tail where you want the braid to fall, I placed mine low, but I also do it higher up as well!  Higher up is a great option for a busy day or working out!  This is also where I out any bang or front pieces you want to be out of the braid, I also put a slight wave in my front pieces using my Bio Ionic curling iron.


This is the step you’re going to be repeating over and over again. Divide your pony tail into two parts and then split one of those parts in half (just like above.)  The two sections are always going to go around the single section and then put a hair tie around it, rotating which section of hair becomes “two” sections.


Continue sectioning and tying your hair until the end of your ponytail (leave about an inch at the bottom.)


When my braid is an inch from the bottom I like to stop and put a little hair spray on the whole braid to prepare for the next step.


Starting at the top pull the braid apart.  This makes the braid appear thicker more full.  All the hair ties placed throughout the braid keep it “pulled apart” nicely!  And thats it, your braid is complete!  Once you get the steps down it honestly only takes about 5 minutes!


You can do this style with shorter hair too!  This is my sisters hair with the same style with a few twists back to the braid.  Her hair down is shoulder length.




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