Adventures in Puerto Rico (Part I)



We are staying in Dorado, Puerto Rico on the northern coast last of the island.  It is our first big trip with all of my family.  My parents, my sisters Maddy and Mallory, Mallory’s Fiancé, and of course my husband and our littles.

For our first couple of days we decided to hang out by the ocean and pool and just soak up the beautiful weather and scenery! Vivian is like a little fish and is fearless. (Unlike her brother!)  Henry met friends by the pool- including a little Indian boy who refused to wear his swimming trunks, it was hilarious!

Maddy & Molly’s Swimwear: LEAH (lace up side) & KARA in Onyx 

Henry’s rash guard & trunksMinnow

Vivian Sun Hat: Flap Happy

Swimsuit: Minnow

On Monday, we took a catamaran ride for the day.  Our first stop was an island for swimming, walking the beach, and lunch.  The second stop was a reef where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea for snorkeling!  I don’t have many pictures because I forgot my SD card for my camera in my computer… (oops!)  But, I did have our GoPro, so we got a lot of cool videos!

This weather has us never wanting to return home! It’s the little things that make vacation so special (I know that sounds so cheesy, but its true!)  Seeing Henry and Vivian play in the sand, swim in the ocean and explore things they’ve never seen makes my heart swell! On top of it all, they aren’t just doing these things with their mom and dad; their Grandma and Grandpa and Aunts and Uncle too!

I couldn’t help but take a million and one pictures of Stinky Pete on the beach, she was just too funny!  She loves the sand and water, but she takes big handfuls and tries to stuff it in her mouth (gross!)

Vivian Sun Hat: Flap Happy

Swimsuit: Minnow

At night, we’ve been playing board games as a whole group, which may sound lame- but its been a blast!  I highly recommend the game ‘Wits & Wagers’!  We’ve also been playing ‘Cards Against Humanity’ which can be quite interesting with your parents.  Later this week we plan on going to TPC Country Club Dorado and also checking out Old San Juan.  Stay tuned for Part II of our Puerto Rico Adventures!

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