I’ve partnered up with Winc, a monthly wine club membership to share my experience and tell you how fabulous it was getting wine delivered right to my doorstep! But seriously- wine to my doorstep, how did I not know about this earlier?

Below is everything that came in my ‘December’ monthly box.  When you sign up, you take a quiz on your likes and dislikes (not just wine related either…) to see what will make your palate sing! You don’t like red? No problem! You will also get to choose if you would rather have more, less or none of reds or whites.  Hit order and your wine is on the

way! It’s really that easy and all of you last minute holiday shoppers (Yes, I’m talking to you!) this is seriously the perfect gift that almost everyone, actually wants!

To spruce up (pun intended) I used a sprig of spruce and a handful of pomegranate seeds to add some festive color and flavor to my drinks!

If you like wine, use the code ‘RAISINGBUDDIES’ at checkout and get $20 off when you sign up today!

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