10 Minute (or less) Beauty Routine



If you’re like me; you’re a mom, you like to sleep in, and you seem to always be running late! And if you’re like me you may be lacking time to get ready in the morning.  So, I’m sharing my favorite products and tips that help me get out the door in ten minutes looking like a million bucks (or at least like I didn’t just roll out of bed after a night of baby feedings every other hour.)

I used to always shower to start my day. I’ve since realized it was taking a lot of my time that I didn’t have. It wasn’t the actual shower, it was actually my hair. I was taking an extra 15-20 minutes to blow-dry my hair (I have a lot of hair!) Plus, this was causing a lot of unneeded damage.  I’ve been hearing from my hair stylist for years now that I shouldn’t be washing my hair everyday and I’ve finally listened to her! (Thanks Chelsea!)

I’m sure your thinking, lady, you must smell like a swamp if your not showering daily. No worries dear reader, I still shower and wash my body, I just cover my hair with a shower cap! If you’re in a pinch you can take a plastic bag from your local grocery or Target (I know you have a million of them stockpiled in your pantry…) put your hair in a top knot, place the bag over your hair up to your hairline, tie the handles of the bag tightly ensuring its secure to your head. It works like a charm, and is quite flattering, as you can see above.

To keep my hair looking fresh and to give it texture for full hair and braids I love using Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo.  It smells fresh and does a great job of absorbing any excess oils I have in my hair (especially my bangs and around where I part it.)

For quick styles I stick to easy braided styles, pony tails, or a “half up” do (half top knots are great if your hair was curled the day before.)  All of these are easy to hide imperfections in your hair like a crazy kink or colic that you didn’t have time to straighten or curl.  Bobby pins and little clear hair binders (that I call “braces binders” because we still have little bags of binders from when I had braces that I used more for hair styles then my braces… oops) are your best friend.

For braids, I like to keep it fast and simple- down the back or to the side. A french braid in the front that continues down into a braid holds nicely throughout the day and looks polished.  To switch it up, I’ll do a high ponytail or a top knot.

With little time for make up, I’m sticking to my basics.  I want my skin to look bright and healthy and my eyes not to look like I haven’t slept in 2 years #mombie.

I start with my face primer and then completion perfector (If I have blemishes I use a bit of concealer too.)  Since I’m on a time limit, I skip over contouring and go right to a little blush.  Blush will help your face still have a nice shape and definition. I’m always switching up my blush, but for this I used Bare Minerals Blush ‘Beauty’.  It’s a perfect quick blush that has a little sparkle to it, so no highlighter needed, (Time saver!)

I put on a quick layer of a brown Mascara, I like using brown when I’m doing a light make-up application, so my eyes don’t look too overpowering. For the finishing touch I brush through my brows so they are shaped. Lastly, finish with a nice light lip gloss or lip stain.  Again, nothing too bold (you can even do a chapstick if your lips just need a day off!)  Wam, Bam, Done! You’re ready for your day and looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed!




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