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Adventures in Puerto Rico (Part I)


We are staying in Dorado, Puerto Rico on the northern coast last of the island.  It is our first big trip with all of my family.  My parents, my sisters Maddy and Mallory, Mallory’s Fiancé, and of course my husband and our littles.

For our first couple of days we decided to hang out by the ocean and pool and just soak up the beautiful weather and scenery! Vivian is like a little fish and is fearless. (Unlike her brother!)  Henry met friends by the pool- including a little Indian boy who refused to wear his swimming trunks, it was hilarious!

Maddy & Molly’s Swimwear: LEAH (lace up side) & KARA in Onyx 

Henry’s rash guard & trunksMinnow

Vivian Sun Hat: Flap Happy

Swimsuit: Minnow

On Monday, we took a catamaran ride for the day.  Our first stop was an island for swimming, walking the beach, and lunch.  The second stop was a reef where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea for snorkeling!  I don’t have many pictures because I forgot my SD card for my camera in my computer… (oops!)  But, I did have our GoPro, so we got a lot of cool videos!

This weather has us never wanting to return home! It’s the little things that make vacation so special (I know that sounds so cheesy, but its true!)  Seeing Henry and Vivian play in the sand, swim in the ocean and explore things they’ve never seen makes my heart swell! On top of it all, they aren’t just doing these things with their mom and dad; their Grandma and Grandpa and Aunts and Uncle too!

I couldn’t help but take a million and one pictures of Stinky Pete on the beach, she was just too funny!  She loves the sand and water, but she takes big handfuls and tries to stuff it in her mouth (gross!)

Vivian Sun Hat: Flap Happy

Swimsuit: Minnow

At night, we’ve been playing board games as a whole group, which may sound lame- but its been a blast!  I highly recommend the game ‘Wits & Wagers’!  We’ve also been playing ‘Cards Against Humanity’ which can be quite interesting with your parents.  Later this week we plan on going to TPC Country Club Dorado and also checking out Old San Juan.  Stay tuned for Part II of our Puerto Rico Adventures!


Puerto Rico or Bust!

We’ve had our holiday vacation to Puerto Rico planned for months and I have been nervous about the flight with our littles for just as long. We’ve heard horror stories of babies crying the entirety of the flight. Henry is a ball of energy 24/7 (he seriously never sits still…)  I didn’t know how he was going to last being contained to one seat on an airplane!  Armed with some advice from a few mom groups I belong to we prepared the best we could.  Side note, I know good parents that try anything and everything and their kiddos still aren’t happy to be flying.  But, I am sharing what worked (and didn’t work) for us to have a successful and easy flight.

The flight from Minnesota to Puerto Rico is roughly 4 1/2 hours long (give or take) plus the time you sit on the runway before take off and after landing. We took off around 7am and landed around 2:30pm (2 hour time zone difference.)

  1. Comfy Clothes-  We left our house at 4am so we had the kids sleep in their outfits that they were wearing to the airport.  Because we were traveling on Christmas Eve I wanted to be festive. So, naturally, they both wore their new Christmas Gap pajamas to the airport!
  2. Know the Rules-  I read through the TSA rules on breastmilk, baby food, liquids, snacks… yada yada yada before I packed our carry ons so I knew exactly what I could bring.  To my surprise you CAN bring baby food that is over 3oz (within moderation) in your carry on as long as its in a separate zip lock bag that can be looked at security check.  I also needed to bring Vivian’s medication for her ear infection that was well over 3oz and the same rules applied, zip lock bag that TSA could easily see.  I had zero issues getting through security-it was a breeze.
  3. No Carseat- Yes, you read that correctly, NO carseat.  We decided not to bring Henry’s carseat with after a few moms shared their flying experiences with me.  I am so happy we didn’t bring it!  TSA recommends carseats that are 16″ wide and Henry’s seat is 20″ wide so it would have been taking up a huge portion of our row.  Also,  we kept him busy by rotating seats with him and he slept on my lap and I could stretch out my legs while he laid on me.
  4. Take Advantage- Strollers and carseats are free at baggage check and you can bring your stroller all the way to boarding the plane before having to leave it.  Take advantage of this, it makes navigating the airport 100 times easier!  Also,  people with babies and toddler get to board the airplane along with first class, I recommend this because getting situated and getting carry ons stowed away takes much longer with little(s).
  5. Snacks, Books, iPad, Oh My!-  To keep both kids occupied we packed snacks, a few books, and loaded the iPad with (pre-downloaded episodes) ‘Paw Patrol’, ‘Special Agent Oso’, ‘Octonauts’, and the new movie ‘Secret Life of Pets’.  Henry didn’t watch all of these, but it gave him options to pick from which was nice.  We also packed play dough, a puzzle, coloring book, and a couple small Transformer trucks.  Rotating playing with each toy kept him busy for most of the flight.
  6. DockATot-  I almost didn’t bring it.  I had so much already packed and my carry on was full and even my husband thought it was going to be “just another item.”  But, let me tell you I am thanking my lucky stars that I decided to bring it!  I set it at our feet on the airplane and during takeoff I nursed Vivian, she fell asleep and I set her in the DockATot.  She slept in it for 3 hours!  It was amazing and I will be bringing it along on our flight to Myrtle Beach in the spring! #lifesaver


All of these things helped us get through our flights with minimal problems.  I’m not saying it was perfect, Henry and Vivian both had a couple small rough patches, but overall they were rockstars and I am so proud of them. You know it’s good when a couple families of 4 (now teenagers) mentioned how well our kids handled the flight, they were so kind, and very impressed!



I’ve partnered up with Winc, a monthly wine club membership to share my experience and tell you how fabulous it was getting wine delivered right to my doorstep! But seriously- wine to my doorstep, how did I not know about this earlier?

Below is everything that came in my ‘December’ monthly box.  When you sign up, you take a quiz on your likes and dislikes (not just wine related either…) to see what will make your palate sing! You don’t like red? No problem! You will also get to choose if you would rather have more, less or none of reds or whites.  Hit order and your wine is on the

way! It’s really that easy and all of you last minute holiday shoppers (Yes, I’m talking to you!) this is seriously the perfect gift that almost everyone, actually wants!

To spruce up (pun intended) I used a sprig of spruce and a handful of pomegranate seeds to add some festive color and flavor to my drinks!

If you like wine, use the code ‘RAISINGBUDDIES’ at checkout and get $20 off when you sign up today!


7 Best Boutiques

Online Boutiques

I’ve Done the Hard Work for You

I’m always searching on Instagram and Pinterest for online boutiques that have great style.  Shopping online at these boutiques who have a great Pinterest and Instagram gives fabulous ideas on how to style their clothing and shoes in different ways, which is always helpful!

Shopping online gives me time to “peruse” with no rush, no cramped stores, no pressure, and best of all- I get to be home!  Anyways, I’ll get to the good stuff; (in no particular order) here are some of my favorite online boutiques and bonus, I’ve added their Instagram and Pinterest links too:

1.  Shop Stevie

A husband and wife duo started this company two years ago and now have an adorable little girl! A mom with great style, YES!

Shop Stevie Instagram

Shop Stevie Pinterest


2.   Ruby Claire Boutique

Another husband and wife duo here. Ruby Claire Boutique gets assistance from their adult children and they make the perfect team.

 Ruby Claire Boutique Instagram

Ruby Claire Boutique Pinterest


 Not only do they have some of the most stylish clothing, but they also have baby and home decor too! One of my favorite “Instagram moms” wears a lot of ROOLEE, so I’ve also added her Instagram account for style inspiration!

Roolee Boutique Instagram

Ginger Parrish Instagram– Cute kids. Great Style. Can you ask for anything more?

Roolee Boutique Pinterest

4.  Raising Wild

Sisters and best friends (they are moms too) that have created swimwear for fit, fashion, and functionality.  Seriously, it’s the best swimwear around. I’ll be rocking my Raising Wild in Puerto Rico and I can’t wait! Oh, did I mention they were on Shark Tank?! AND got a deal!

Raising Wild Instagram

Raising Wild Pinterest


5.  Soel Boutique

 Here’s a Wife and mother of three who made her dreams come true by opening this boutique.  11 years later her boutique is flourishing and so are the relationships she has made throughout.  Her mission statement is:

“We believe in curating a life that represents you. Whether it’s on trend or classy and timeless, we offer you pieces that can help you create a beautiful life, piece by piece. We know that comfort is huge. We find pieces that you’ll not only look great in, but feel great in as well. Life can be full of goodness. We don’t want you to fill your home, closet, and life with “stuff”, we want you to love everything surrounding you and your families. Hopefully we can help play a role in that for you.”

Soel Boutique Instagram

Soel Boutique Pinterest


6.  Primp Boutique

Let me start off by saying there is a Primp about ten minutes from my house and it’s dangerous.  Not dangerous in a scary way (unless you’re my bank account) scary in a “I go there too much” way.  But, no worries if you’re not in Minnesota, you can shop online too!

Primp Boutique Instagram

Primp Pinterest


7.  Pink Blush

They aren’t just Maternity.  Their clothing is made to be worn during all stages of life, pregnant or not! I have so many pieces from Pink Blush that I wore pregnant and still wear, all their clothing is so versatile.

Pink Blush Instagram

Pink Blush Pinterest

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Postpartum Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks


10 Minute (or less) Beauty Routine


If you’re like me; you’re a mom, you like to sleep in, and you seem to always be running late! And if you’re like me you may be lacking time to get ready in the morning.  So, I’m sharing my favorite products and tips that help me get out the door in ten minutes looking like a million bucks (or at least like I didn’t just roll out of bed after a night of baby feedings every other hour.)

I used to always shower to start my day. I’ve since realized it was taking a lot of my time that I didn’t have. It wasn’t the actual shower, it was actually my hair. I was taking an extra 15-20 minutes to blow-dry my hair (I have a lot of hair!) Plus, this was causing a lot of unneeded damage.  I’ve been hearing from my hair stylist for years now that I shouldn’t be washing my hair everyday and I’ve finally listened to her! (Thanks Chelsea!)

I’m sure your thinking, lady, you must smell like a swamp if your not showering daily. No worries dear reader, I still shower and wash my body, I just cover my hair with a shower cap! If you’re in a pinch you can take a plastic bag from your local grocery or Target (I know you have a million of them stockpiled in your pantry…) put your hair in a top knot, place the bag over your hair up to your hairline, tie the handles of the bag tightly ensuring its secure to your head. It works like a charm, and is quite flattering, as you can see above.

To keep my hair looking fresh and to give it texture for full hair and braids I love using Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo.  It smells fresh and does a great job of absorbing any excess oils I have in my hair (especially my bangs and around where I part it.)

For quick styles I stick to easy braided styles, pony tails, or a “half up” do (half top knots are great if your hair was curled the day before.)  All of these are easy to hide imperfections in your hair like a crazy kink or colic that you didn’t have time to straighten or curl.  Bobby pins and little clear hair binders (that I call “braces binders” because we still have little bags of binders from when I had braces that I used more for hair styles then my braces… oops) are your best friend.

For braids, I like to keep it fast and simple- down the back or to the side. A french braid in the front that continues down into a braid holds nicely throughout the day and looks polished.  To switch it up, I’ll do a high ponytail or a top knot.

With little time for make up, I’m sticking to my basics.  I want my skin to look bright and healthy and my eyes not to look like I haven’t slept in 2 years #mombie.

I start with my face primer and then completion perfector (If I have blemishes I use a bit of concealer too.)  Since I’m on a time limit, I skip over contouring and go right to a little blush.  Blush will help your face still have a nice shape and definition. I’m always switching up my blush, but for this I used Bare Minerals Blush ‘Beauty’.  It’s a perfect quick blush that has a little sparkle to it, so no highlighter needed, (Time saver!)

I put on a quick layer of a brown Mascara, I like using brown when I’m doing a light make-up application, so my eyes don’t look too overpowering. For the finishing touch I brush through my brows so they are shaped. Lastly, finish with a nice light lip gloss or lip stain.  Again, nothing too bold (you can even do a chapstick if your lips just need a day off!)  Wam, Bam, Done! You’re ready for your day and looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed!