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An Open Letter to my Friends Without Kids

I admit it- I am a shitty friend.  Sometimes I don’t text back for hours or I forget altogether.  You ask about dinner or coffee, but the truth is my kids can be real assholes.  Being in public and expecting them to sit still and behave is asking for a miracle.  My toddler is fast approaching his terrible twos and I can’t even get in and out of Target (not even looking at handbags and home decor, I’m talking essentials,  the milk/toilet paper kind of trip…) without a meltdown (or five.) Thinking about going to dinner gives me anxiety.  We just avoid it like the plague. The last time we were out to eat my husband chased our toddler around who insisted on “flying” around like Buzz Lightyear.  I stood, bounced, and breastfed our daughter who cried every time I went to sit down.  Oh, did I mention we ended up taking our food home in to-go boxes and eating dinner after the kids went to bed.  Yes, we are the family everyone hates at the restaurant.  And hey! Coffee sounds fantastic, I practically swim in that shit.  But, coffee in a quiet, cute, calm place sounds like a disaster.  Pretty much the same story as the restaurant, but add the toddler trying to run behind the counter too, its a ton of fun. Typically, trendy baristas aren’t known for being understanding of little ones.

Babies sleeping

Too bad they aren’t always this sweet!  Bow: Eleanor & Co  Blanket: Stella & Lu

Yes, I have a husband who could watch the kids, but our five month old still won’t take a bottle so, I’m lucky if I have two hours away.  Just when I think I could sneak away, my husband gets a call from work for an emergency deployment or the toddler has an ear infection and isn’t feeling well.

Now, you might be thinking I’m antisocial.  I promise I’m not, I used to be a social butterfly!  I was the first one to get dolled up and be ready to rally for night two.  I used to laugh at people when they said they were hungover, even if I drank 4 beers, 3 shots, and 2 mixed drinks the night before.  Today, I drink a glass of wine and I’m ready for bed.  This doesn’t mean I’m not happy, because I’m happier then I’ve ever been,  I just don’t find joy in the same things I used to.

Girl With Drink

Saint Patty’s Day Pre- Kids

I don’t want you to take this as an ‘I don’t care about you’ scenario, because I do. I miss you and I miss our good times together.  You are a great friend and it means a lot to me that you care enough to reach out.  There are just things in my life that have changed and have to come first.  But, I want you to know I think of you often, I wish you the best, and I hope your still staying up late enjoying one too many tequila shots.


XO Mol


tequila shots




Blog Revamp

Hey friends! If you’re checking out my blog- you probably noticed the new look. I hope you like it!  I’m really trying to make things easy to read, mobile-friendly, and aesthetically appealing.  So, I’m looking for feedback. What do you think? How does it look on your phone? Tablet? Computer? What works well? What doesn’t?  Anything is appreciated. 

I would also love to hear what you like to read about most from me, and what you want to see here.  Having my own blog can be scary. I often write pieces and never post them because I’m not sure if you will relate, enjoy them, or just think I’m weird.  This is a two way street, I want to be sharing pieces that you can laugh about, relate to, or even learn from!

So what is it you’re looking for? Daily in-and-outs of motherhood, marriage, hair tutorials, makeup tips, life with two under two, product reviews, fashion, staying healthy, funny, serious, saving, budgeting, blogging & Instagram tips, shopping tips, vlogs… The list goes on. But, I want to hear from you to help me make my blog something you want to read.

I also owe a huge thank you to Kate, at Designer Blogs for helping me out and bringing my blog ideas to life! Any bloggers looking for a site revamp, blogging tips, or trying to figure out SEO (I’m still doing this myself) should take a look!

Thank you in advance for leaving our feedback below, it’s much appreciated!




No More Babies… For Now

I decided to take the plunge and talk to my doctor about a semi-permanent birth control option.  Now, before you put on your judging pants and you’re against birth control.  Take them off… I have two babies under two years old and my hands are full and my sanity can only handle two kids right now.  I don’t love the idea of pumping my body with something that it doesn’t create on its own, or furthermore placing a foreign object inside of it, but what hurts my brain more is thinking about adding a third child to our family (again, right now.)  Others that are on board with birth control are thinking, “Why are you sharing this?”  After I had Henry I looked into birth control options, but all of them sounded scary.  I’m a professional “Googler” and there were terrifying reviews about how birth control ruined someones life or they were never able to have another baby.  This scared the living S#$% out of me, the thought of never having another little squish scared me out of the form of birth control that was easiest for me (in the long run, it was meant to be because I have my little Stinky Pete!)


Back to those reviews I read about.  Yes, I think that modern medicine is a blessing, but it can be a curse too.  There is good and bad to all of it, but in my opinion a lot less bad then good.  But, who writes a review for something online? It’s typically someone who has a ho-hum experience or someone that has something tragic happen. Bad, tragic, and scary experiences are why a lot of people turn to reviews.  I’m not saying these bad things don’t happen, but when thats the only thing you read about its hard to look past them.  It happened to me when I was pregnant with Henry too (read On Stress, Scans & WebMD if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)  It was the scariest time of my life and the internet was anything but encouraging.

This morning I had an IUD placed.  It was a little bit uncomfortable during the procedure, but it only took five minutes (and I was nervous so I’m sure that didn’t help!) I’m feeling a tiny bit crampy (nothing more than period cramps.)  I know this all sounds uneventful, but thats what I want to share.  A ho-hum, non-eventful birth control that works for me.  I will keep updates coming even if they are that I’m feeling great, not pregnant, and forget that the IUD is even there!  Let’s change always posting negative warnings or bad reviews (if you have one share it too) but, share the good and let people know your “fine” experience too!

I look forward to the day when my husband and I decide its time to add another little, heck maybe 5 more littles to our tribe.  But, for now two is plenty and thats why I chose Mierna.







Lachlan & Lenny

Okay friends; I’ve teamed up with Georgie, a talented artist and owner of  Lachlan and Lenny to give away one free portrait!  If your dying to order one immediately, (or don’t win the giveaway) you can use the code RAISINGBUDDIES10 for an extra 10% off at checkout!

I am terrible at anything involving artistic tools. When I was in 7th grade, we had to make a 16×20 self-portrait that was first sketched, then painted.  My sketch wasn’t too bad, but, once it came to the painting portion I was in trouble. When I was “done” my teacher recommended I take it home that night and give it a little TLC.  I was so embarrassed that it was going to be hanging out in the hallway for my classmates to see, until I realized my work was so bad that it was impossible to distinguish the subject!  That night I went home and convinced my older sister to help fix my painting.  She did her best to fix my portrait and I’m pretty sure there was a full inch of paint corrections. I brought it back to school and my teacher was satisfied with it.  Long story short, I really admire Georgie’s talent.

I’ve been following Lachlan and Lenny on Instagram for awhile now and I am always floored by how beautiful her watercolor portraits are.  She is a fellow Midwest Mama (Iowa) so of course I love her.

Since we are living with my parents for 8 weeks until we move into our new home, I wanted to get my Mom something unique.  She is always trying to get a family picture with everyone, plus their two bulldogs.  It never works out! Either a kid is crying, the bulldogs won’t stay still, or one family member is missing or on the golf course. Once or twice, she has fallen victim to the classic ‘[Name] isn’t looking at the camera.’  Georgie has the perfect solution. You send her multiple photos of everyone being painted so she can get the looks down and she uses her immense talent to come up with a picture of everyone!  I sent her about 5-7 different pictures.

She doesn’t just paint family portraits either, if your looking for a painting of your home, a past home, or a beautiful saying she can do it.


So, here’s the good stuff!  To enter to win a free portrait crafted by Georgie; comment here on my blog post.  The comment can be anything from your name to what you think about Georgie’s artwork.  Lastly, follow us both on Instagram: Lachlan and Lenny & Raising Buddies.  The Giveaway will be closed on Friday at 10pm and the winner will be announced HERE on Saturday, July 9th by 11am.  Good Luck!


Breast, Bottle, & Dirty Chicken Nuggets

Baba Bandz

Being a parent is hard. Of course, having opinions shoved down your throat only makes it harder. Everyone has their own opinions on breast/bottle feeding and we all have our own reasoning. In my opinion this sums it up perfectly:

I breastfed Henry until he was a little over a year old and I don’t think this makes him any better than a child who was bottle fed from the day one.  The other day I caught him eating a day old chicken nugget he picked up out of his carseat cup holder (it was hard as a rock!)  Obviously, he is a genius.  The transition from breast to bottle was a nightmare, he wouldn’t sleep-he would just scream.  It took a good week and finally made it to a bottle and sippy cups.  Long story short, I did not want the transition for Vivian to be this difficult.  So, we have started to try to get her use bottles.

Moms “bottle” & Viv’s Bottle

We have a couple issues.  One,  I don’t produce an overabundance of milk. When I pump I’m lucky to get two extra ounces a day (not enough for a full bottle.) I’ve talked with my doctor, but she just thinks my body only produces as much milk as my baby nurses.  Two,  we have been trying all different bottles to see what she will take to best.  This is when I came across Baba Bandz.  If I don’t have enough milk stored up, we supplement with (gasp!) formula.  Going between breastmilk and formula can be a little tricky when multiple people are trying to give Viv the bottle because they don’t know how long the bottle is “good” for.  Both milks have different amounts of time they can safely be consumed.  Baba Bandz gives me the comfort of knowing exactly when the bottle can be given till without any wasting or guessing!


Both formula and breastmilk are liquid gold and we don’t want that going to waste.  The Baba Bandz  fits around every bottle we have tried- Joovy Boob, Mimijumi, Dr.Browns Wide Neck, and Tommee Tippee.  They are also dishwasher safe which is wonderful because you don’t have to remove the Baba Bandz to wash them.  I’m busy, I’m forgetful, and I’m thankful that the Williams Family invented Baba Bandz its been a money and an overall lifesaver!



4th of July Weekend

We had an awesome long weekend (I hope you did too!)  We are more attuned to clamping, and aren’t much for actual camping or cabins (or not sleeping in our big comfy bed.)  But, we do like being outside and going on little adventures.  So, for our weekend we went to the local fair, lake for the day, and parade.

Henry’s Shirt- Gap Kids

So, the roller coaster didn’t go over so well.  I felt so bad, he was so scared when it started to move!  But, he was a trooper and still wanted to go on other rides afterwards.  He loved the cars!  While it went around & around he was so focused he wouldn’t even wave at me!  I honestly think he thought he was driving, it was too cute.  He also went down the giant slide a couple times and had a blast!

Vivian & Henry’s Swim wear: Gap Kids
My Swimsuit & Distressed Shorts: Forever 21

Sunday, we spent the day out on the lake with family.  Ate way too much good food, cruised around on the pontoon, and this wild mama took my first jet ski ride!  Vivi-girl enjoyed a good nap, was not a fan of wearing a life jacket, and liked splashing in the water.  Crazy man, Henry played with trucks on the beach ALL DAY LONG.  This kid goes and goes and goes.  People always say, “Oh, he will be tired tonight.”  NOPE.  He stayed awake on the ride home and played some more after we got home.

Henrys’s Tank & shorts: Gap Kids
Vivian’s Romper: Grace and Amelia

On America’s 240th Birthday, the wait for the parade to start didn’t go over well.  But, when the planes flew over Henry’s attitude changed completely! Boy, oh, boy when the marching bands & floats with music went by he couldn’t help himself from dancing.  And his moves… can make anyone smile.

The saying, “The days are long, but the years are short.” couldn’t be more true.  But, days like these are the days I wish could last forever.


Milestones- Time goes by too fast

When I was pregnant with Henry I heard at least 500 times, “Soak it all in… time goes by fast!”  And you know what, it REALLY does.  I get teased by my family all the time that I take too many pictures, but pictures and videos are the treasure we look back on.  Every few weeks my husband and I lay in bed after the kids are asleep and look through pictures on our phones.  Sometimes the pictures are just weeks old, but with little ones I swear you can see them growing.  I’ve always taken ‘monthly’ pictures and I couldn’t be more happy that I have.





When Vivian was born, I used a cute little Target calendar to take her monthly pictures next to.  When we moved, the calendar got lost in the chaos. (if you didn’t know-we moved, check out Moving on up!)  It must have been meant to be (I’m a believer in that) because I came across Milestone World.  They’ve made it easy to never miss those special moments.  No matter how busy you are, you can just whip out the cute card next to your little one and snap a picture!(Or, 212 pictures until one looks just right!)  They also have other sets of cards, so something for everyone!  Whatever you do, don’t miss out on capturing those precious moments, they do go by too fast!