Vivian’s Birth Story


February 10th, 2016

2am- Painful contraction wakes me out of sleep, but I’m tired so I roll over and try to go back to sleep.

2:30am-  Another contraction.  “Okay, this could be something.” I decided to get up and walk up and down the hallway and stairs a couple times to see if things would  pick up.  NOTHING.  No contractions, great- another night of false labor (last week was full of false labor and bad sleep.)

3am- I lay  back down, can’t fall back asleep and painful contractions start again about 7 minutes apart.

4am- I’m in a good amount of pain by this time now, but still second guessing if this is the real thing- because every time I walk around the contractions SLOW down.

4:30am- I go use the ladies room and I am bleeding a good amount (sorry TMI.)  But, know I am convinced this is the real thing.

4:45am- Wake up Derek and let him know “It’s time!” I go and call my aunt who lives about ten minutes away to come and stay with Henry while my mom who lives about 40 minutes away drives down.  I also call the hospital to let them know we are headed in.

By this time I’m feeling really emotional.  I’m still feeling like this is surreal, but at the same time I’m getting excited to meet our daughter!

5:15am- We hit the road and head to Woodwinds Hospital to meet our little girl! The car ride was uncomfortable and the contractions were staying steady by this point and were getting hard to talk through.

5:45am- Arrive at the hospital and get brought up to labor and delivery

By 6am we were brought into a triage room.  The nurse said they would monitor my contractions for about an hour and check my cervix to see if this was “true” labor.  I was checked and was Dilated 6cm and was fully effaced (YAY! “true” labor!)  The nurse said, “Maybe you guys will have this baby by 10:30 this morning!”  In the back of my mind I thought this lady was crazy, it would take longer than that! Wouldn’t it?  About 15 minutes later we were moved into a labor and delivery room.  We went over a checklist of questions with the nurse- allergies? pain plan? medical history? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.   Shift change for the nurses hit and our new nurse arrived and she got things in order for my epidural #blessed.  Around 7:45 the anesthesiologist arrived and my epidural was placed- nothing like a four inch needle in the back.  About 5 minutes later, I turned to Derek and said “I feel like I’m on a cloud!”  The epidural was my new best friend.  A half hour after the epidural was placed my nurse checked me again and I was fully dilated, effaced, and ready to push! I was in shock and I had no idea it was going to go so quickly! The nurse went to get my doctor and they both came back in the room and I started to push at 9:03 and after 3 pushes Vivian entered the world at 9:07am!  She was perfect.  I felt like I was on top of the world  the euphoric feeling after giving birth is indescribable!  This tiny 6 pound 7 ounce 19 inches tall little girl was all ours to love. The nurses and doctors teased me about how “easy” and fast my labor and delivery was.  “For baby #3 you better camp outside the hospital for the last few weeks of the pregnancy!” Said one nurse.  I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing birth experience with no complications and a healthy baby in the end!


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