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Newborn Essentials

I’ve been slowly pulling out our “newborn” baby items and washing them in preparation for the arrival of miss Viv.  All of this is making me so excited to meet her! It hasn’t been that long since Henry was a newborn, but I still forgot just how tiny they start out!  When I was pregnant with Henry, I went WAY overboard on baby items.  Now, with baby #2 I know exactly what I like.  Here are must haves/ essentials:

Bamboo Swaddle Blanket(s):  Henry loved to be swaddled and my fingers are crossed that Vivian will too.  I have fallen in love with our new girly swaddles from A Little Lady Shop. They have different patterns and colors there is no way you won’t find at least one you fancy.  Here are a few things you might not know about bamboo swaddle blankets:

Thermal regulating:  keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

anti-bacterial: contains a natural anti-bacterial agent which keeps baby germ and odor free.

Allergy Reduced:  Non-irritating fibers make it ideal for babies with skin sensitivities.

a little lady shop


Co-Sleeper:  This isn’t just any co-sleeper; it’s the DockATot a breathable, washable, portable,  completely safe, and cozy space for your little one to sleep, relax, or even enjoy tummy time.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this for round two! (especially for breastfeeding at night.)  They have two sizes, Deluxe (0-8months) Grand (9-36) They just came out with gorgeous new colors and patterns! I have my eye on the coral trellis cover, but then again I do like the emerald isle pattern too! Decisions, decisions.

Perfect Diaper Bag:  I cannot gush over my new diaper bag any more than I already do- and I must admit I get complements on it a lot (most recently at the dentist office.)  Lily Jade has accomplished making a stylish diaper bag that doesn’t appear “diaper bag” looking and is still fully functional.  It’s made of premium full-grain leather and the inside is a great poly fabric. There is also a completely detachable baby bag organizer (which is a life saver!) I have the Madeline in Brandy bag, but they have many other bags too!

360 degree nursing cover:  This is SO important to me! I loved breastfeeding Henry, but I cannot tell you ladies enough about the struggle of trying to have a little privacy with a blanket over us and Henry pushing it right off.  The OVer is genius! it is a comfortable, wearable cover for mom that goes all the way around moms front and back side.  I am all about breastfeeding in public and with my OVer I can feel comfortable, its also multi-functional as a perfect carseat cover to keep germs (and nosey people) away from that new bundle of joy, and a shopping cart cover to keep your baby germ free!  I have the Libby Stripe OVer and LOVE IT, but there are many other prints to choose from!

Linen Ring Sling-  There are moments where I think “How am going to do this with TWO babies?” Even easy tasks like going to Target or getting from the car into the gym.  Thats where my JoHo Baby linen ring sling will be a lifesaver!! I also loved wearing Henry around the house to get everyday tasks done.  It is SO easy to put on and it will never ruin your outfit because it is beautiful and there are so many color choices!  I have the London Linen Ring Sling, but I have my eye on a few other ones too including this gorgeous Mustard one!  Did I mention these slings are created by a mother herself! Check out her story here!

***This is not just for newborns I wear Henry comfortably around Target even nine months pregnant!

Babywearing with ring slings help both mother and baby successfully and joyfully transition from womb to world in the crucial fourth trimester.” -JoHo Baby

Diaper Changing Pad-  Does anyone else dread changing their little one in public?  I am so grossed out by the thought of laying my little one down on the germ-infested changing table.  And about 95% of the time there are never any paper liners left to put down first… Grrr.  EASY SOLUTION: Posh Parrish makes the most adorable soft, washable, wipeable and easy-to-store changing pads! The vinyl is soft and warm, not crunchy and cold like others that I have come across.  Boy, girl, or waiting to be surprised, they have many, many patterns to choose from and you won’t be disappointed!

Newborn Leggings- When I was pregnant with Henry I was constantly shopping for him (it was a bit of a problem.) But, a lot of things I bought for him he never wore because it was not practical baby attire.  Although newborn jeans and dress shirts are adorable they aren’t exactly the coziest.  This time around I focused on adorable leggings.  My favorite little drawstring leggings come from Babysprouts & Co.  Their drawstring leggings are NOT just made from stretchy cheap material.  They are made from 100% organic cotton knit, they are soft and have a little bit of a stretch making them durable and comfortable. The best part is the drawstring is functional (I cannot tell you how handy this is!)  They carry sizes newborn to 2-3T.  They also have head wraps, terry sweats, baby hoodies, and shorties, they are a must in my book.

Headbands-  Okay, okay so some of you may be thinking that headbands are not “essential” but, in my book every little girl should have beautiful headbands.  Little Biscuit Bows is completely my style, they are simple, yet beautiful and never too gaudy (this is important to me.)  They use a nylon material that stretches to your little ones head size to ensure it is never squeezing too tight.  I cannot wait to see Vivian sport her first Little Biscuit Bows headband.

Breastfeeding Snack-  This one is for baby and mama.  Breastfeeding can be difficult and no one tells you that even when things are going smoothly a dip in your milk supply can cause A LOT of stress! With Henry I tried everything under sun to get my supply up, I wish I would have known about Oat Mama then! It would have made my life a lot easier and saved me some stress too!  Oat Mama lactation bars are not only delicious, but they are an easy snack that you can take on-the-go and help sustain your milk supply without even thinking about it!  Still skeptical?  Check out other mamas’ testimonials here!

oat mama

Pacifier & Clip-  Henry was a huge paci boy until about 6 months and BAM! One day he decided he didn’t want it anymore.  For those first six months having a stock supply of pacifiers and clips was a must! Our kitty also decided she liked to bounce the pacifiers on the wood floors and chew them up into tiny pieces, so we went through what felt like a million pacifiers.  Anyways, this time around we are going with Natursutten Pacifiers they are made from all natural rubber and avoid the following:

  • Allergy causing substances
  • Artificial color
  • Cancer causing substances
  • Hormone disturbing substances
  • Chemical softeners
  • Parabens, PVC and phthalates

To avoid losing pacifiers we will pair them with the adorable Ryan and Rose pacifier clips.  Their Cutie Clips are just that, ever so cute! Don’t be fooled by the name you can find clips here for both genders!

Winter Hat-  Bundling up a newborn for winter can be a challenge, you don’t want them too overdressed, but you definitely don’t want them to be underdressed.  On top of all of that finding a winter hats that fit a newborn is almost impossible.  I see sizes 0-6 months, but know that won’t realistically fit a newborns little noggin.  This is exactly why small shop are THE BEST! Knitting Nannies can knit or crochet ANY size hat including a precious little hat for your newborn.  From Slouchy Beanies  to Fox Hooded Cowl Hats you will fall in love with something or in my case EVERYTHING!


Swaddle Sack-  Again, I am a huge fan of swaddling and believer of the “fourth trimester.” Mint and Arrows has the best/cutest/softest swaddle sacks around not to mention you can get a matching headband or beanie! Nothing beats a happy baby in a cute little cocoon.

Perfect Shirt For Mom- AKA the Soothe Shirt.  It is so simple, yet perfect.  It has an easy to use pouch to calm your new little one and built-in nursing bra to make breastfeeding easy!  My Soothe Shirt by Lalabu was one of the first items to make it in my hospital bag, its genius and every mom-to-be needs one!