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BUMPstyle Box

The bigger my belly gets the more frustrated I get trying to put together outfits to wear. The struggle is definitely real. In a dream world I would have a stylist who would shop for me and have it ready in the morning. HA, like I said “dream world.” Instead, I roll out of bed looking like a zombie from the cast of TWD with a toddler attached to my leg and realistically I tend to worry more about his outfit then my own. #momlife


Lately it seems pretty trendy to have monthly “boxes” of some sort delivered to your house. I have known about stitch fix, citrus lane, Ipsy, Birch Box, and some others, but I didn’t know anything existed specifically for maternity wear. (My husband has even tried to convince me to let him get a golf-related monthly box) After a rough day and one-too-many outfits I didn’t like I did a little research and discovered BUMPstyle Box.

I made myself an account and took a fun little survey on my style, likes, dislikes, and anything specific I was looking for. A day or so later I was contacted by a stylist (Hannah) and she let me know she had some items picked out for me and they were going to be shipped out shortly!

A few days later my box arrived (and who doesn’t love “fun” mail?!) It was all perfectly wrapped up like a pretty little gift for me, and I hesitated to open it as I didn’t want to ruin it. Hannah, my stylist wrote me a sweet note that had some great styling tips. I loved all the pieces she sent, she matched my style perfectly! Below are the 5 pieces I was sent.

Not only did I love every piece that was sent to me it was all very good quality (soft, durable, & fitting for my body type.)  Every pregnant woman deserves to feel special like I did when I received my BUMPstyle Box.

If there are any items that don’t fit or you just don’t love it is a very easy return processes.  There is a pre-printed return label in your box and you just stick it on your original box and bring it to any local UPS store.


Dressing A Tot- Boys Can Be Stylish Too!

Anyone that knows me knows that if I ever go missing you will probably find me hiding out either at Target or Gap.  When we found out Henry was a boy we were obviously thrilled, but once I started shopping I realized the lack of variety in boys clothing.  This is when my life changed forever (Okay, I’m being a little overdramatic) and I discovered Etsy and started to shop small! The best part is I still discover new shops I love everyday, it’s like a never ending party!


I still love my Target and Gap, but discovering small shops opened a whole new world! Not only did it bring a variety of clothing, but I was also supporting families and real people not just a corporate company.  There is something to be said about a package arriving and knowing the products were made with love and they are hand wrapped and sometimes even a cute little note!  I still get excited every time I see the postman (normally around 12:36pm) or the UPS (around 11am) /Fedex man (around 2pm!)

I know everyone has different tastes in style and I am not claiming to be a stylist, but here are my tips on dressing a little guy and some of my favorite small shops!

Shop big and small- Don’t limit yourself to either.  They both have their benefits and when mixed and matched together it makes the perfect combination.


Gap We love their sales and getting a great deal (check out Confessions Of A Gap Addict to see how we score the best deals.)  This is where we buy most of our jeans, sweaters, and outerwear.

Target– Most Target trips we browse through the sale racks and sometimes even double up with a Cartwheel coupon too!  Most of the time we stick to vests or basic shirts.

Zara– I love the quality of their clothing and they do have more of a unique style too!

Carter’s & Gymboree I know these are two totally different stores, but in our case we use them for one thing (most of the time.) PAJAMAS!


Layer outfits- The best looking outfits have layers.  T-shirt, sweater, jeans, and mocs are a perfect everyday outfit!  In Minnesota during our chilly falls, cold winters, and rainy springs this is easy.  I do realize this isn’t as easy in warm weather places.

T-shirts are awesome starters of an outfit and in my opinion the best ones come from small shops! Here are a few shops that I adore. (some don’t only have shirts either!)

give thanks

Recess Brand– I whole heartly believe in this shop’s moto, “Take a break. Go outside. Travel back in time to your childhood and remember the best part of the day…Recess!!!”  Their shirts are incredibly  soft and perfect for a busy tot (they even have a few adult size T’s that are awesome!)

Jean & June– They have a great variety of T’s (and other apparel) for both girls and boys.  If your little one isn’t ready for T-shirts yet, they also have adorable onesies too!

Darling Dreamers– I am still drooling over Henry and I’s shirts.  They are the perfect combo for any mom and tot and seriously- these shirts speak the truth!


The Pine Torch– We used their shirt to announce that baby #2 was on their way! But, they don’t just have the sweetest announcement shirts.  They have a HUGE variety and if you can’t choose just one, they have deals on bundling multiple shirts!


Use Social Media-  I always am finding small shops I love through Instagram and it’s such a fun way to get inspiration on styling your next outfit.  A lot of shops have their own Instagram feeds and sometimes people “tag” where their outfits are from too!

Another staple in our wardrobe are leggings.  They are simply amazing, soft, stylish, comfortable, and perfect for playing in! There are so many small shops with all different prints and styles here are just a few of our favorites!

Ammon Lane– They have recently rebranded and were formally known as Lyla’s Leggings.  They have all different styles (my favorite are the one’s with knee patches.) Henry just wore a pair of the cutest arrow print ones for Thanksgiving!

Lulu and Roo– Their leggings are more like a thin sweat pant and fold over at the top with a cute (fake) tie.  They are to die for especially when paired up with a matching hoodie! Their outfits are perfect for lazy days, while still looking adorable!

Little Nugget Knits– They have every pattern and style under the sun.  Right now they have the most darling holiday patterned leggings. Soft and stylish, you just cannot go wrong.


Boys have accessories too- Okay, not bows and headbands, but they do have bibs and hats that can be just as cute! Don’t forget about shoes, over here we are all about the moccasins!


Oma and Jo– Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows that I am in love with their Beau Trappers Hat.  I cannot rave about it enough.  There is no fuss with Henry when I put it on him because it covers his ears perfectly without covering his eyes or sliding around.  The inside is lined with the softest material.

Ollie and Tate– I know what you’re thinking, a bib as an accessory? Yes, when they are as cute as these they become an accessory! The bandana style is the best! Drooling, eating, snacking, messy tot needs a good stash of these.

Wild Explorers– First, how cute is their name? Secondly, they have every style of moccasin you could possibly want!  Everything from bows, classic, boot style, sequins, and studded they have it all covered.  Our personal favorite are the Oxblood Suede Moc.  They go with everything and Henry has no problem keeping them on his feet!

There are many more shops that I love and these are just a start! To continue to follow our adventure in dressing Henry and seeing what shops we love, check us out every Wednesday for ‘Wardrobe Wednesday‘!





Cauliflower, Lettuce, Rutabaga, & Eggplant

stages of pregnancy

I think I may be the world’s worst blogger. Just when I promised I would be more diligent about weekly pregnancy updates- I don’t update for four weeks! Sorry, friends! Life just gets in the way and I felt like I was putting my pregnancy on the back burner to everything else going on. So, not only is this a pregnancy update-but a little “Budde life” update too. 

imageThis will sum up weeks 25, 26, 27, and 28! Holy cow, my belly feels like it has tripled in size overnight! Baby is now nearly 3 pounds and 15 inches, I always enjoy reading those cheesy updates on my app “The Bump”.  I am starting to get so excited to meet Vivian, hitting the third trimester seems like she will be here in no time! Getting her nursery ready (see Nursery In The Works if you haven’t already) and getting out little baby stuff that was packed away makes it all feel so real! Plus, in January, we have our anniversary and my birthday so that will help it go by. We just got our first bundle of newborn Honest Diapers and I forgot just how small and adorable they are (especially when next to a size 5!) This week I have my glucose test (I’m a week late going in, oops.) But, part of me is nervous I won’t “pass”.  This pregnancy has gone so smoothly I just feel like it’s not possible to continue like this! My fingers are crossed and I am hoping for the best!


Back to why being pregnant has been on the “back burner.” A little over three weeks ago Henry spiked a temp of 103 and was inconsolable. We took him in and he had a double ear infection and was started on ten days of amoxicillin. After a few rough days he seemed to be back to himself (playing, eating, sleeping etc.) Then, on day ten he spiked another temp nearly 104 and refused to eat anything (even ice cream!) We went back in and one ear was all cleared up, but the other just had gotten worse! We started another new med in hopes that this would take care of everything. On top of the ear infection our pediatrician thinks he caught something viral causing a nasty cough and runny nose which would wake him up when trying to sleep. Fast forward to now and Henry seems to be doing great and back to himself (finally!)

My husband is a contractor (not in the construction sense, but business.) Contracts can be anywhere from 60 days to years. The last six weeks or so of a contract is when the stress kicks back in of “Okay, where is my next contract?” My husband was coming up on the last six weeks of his current contract and starting to interview for new positions. As my husband reminds me I can be a negative nancy and I was starting to worry! Now, many people that don’t know the business of contracting wonder why do contracts instead of just finding a full time job? It can be very lucrative, but it does take a certain type of person to be able to do make a career of contracting. Fortunately, for our family my husband just happens to be so inclined! So, in exchange for some stress we are able to live comfortably.

Last week, my husband accepted a new position as a Technical Delivery Manager at a top 15 biggest company in the world (proud wife moment!)  Healthy babe, husband landed an amazing new contract, and I am a stress free (pregnant) mama!

This Thanksgiving I was extra thankful for all the good that has come into our life over the last few weeks. Today, while walking around the Library and indoor park with Henry it made me realize that even during our “stressful” times they are not even comparable to other people’s. Henry was holding my hand, had a cake pop in the other, and was walking up the big stone stairs. The big chocolaty smile that spreads across this boy’s face from making it up the stairs fills me up with so much joy. Soon enough I will have twice the amount! It’s overused, but we are so blessed.